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Static and Sketches is NOW AVAILABLE

Static and Sketches, the new Bleed Radio Bleed EP, is now available as a free download either on a song by song basis from this site or as a package at our bandcamp site. Go download it and let us know what you think.


We'll be playing this Sunday, March 3 at the Raven Lounge in Philadelphia and then March 16 at the Fire in Philadelphia. You should definitely come to one of these shows as they are all we'll be playing for the next several months.

Static and Sketches is coming this week.

So here's the plan for the next few weeks: 1) One day this week Static and Sketches becomes available for download. 2) You download it and start learning it. 3) We play two shows to support its release March 3 at the Raven Lounge and March 16 at the Fire. Be there. Because those are the only shows we'll be playing for a long time.

New Bleed Radio Bleed Digital EP "Static and Sketches" Coming Soon...

Details will follow in the coming days, but in the meantime feel free to download the first track from the EP, "Lyle Gun" from this site.

Debut CD "White Horse / Black Horse" is out now on Break Even

We celebrated the release of our debut full length on Friday night at the North Star in Philadelphia. Our label mates The Silence Kit were on hand to help us out. It was a fun night to celebrate with our friends this moment we've been working towards for way too long... We appreciate everyone who came out or who has been a part of this ride since the beginning.

I hope you've enjoyed the preview tracks we've posted here on Reverb Nation. White Horse / Black Horse is available now for download on iTunes and Amazon.com. Physical cds will be available on Interpunk sometime next week.

We are grateful for all the support we've experienced so far and can't wait to see what's next.

Kevin BRB

New album out soon!

We're finally finished with the record! It is officially titled: "White Horse / Black Horse" and has the following tracklisting:

1. Camelot (We're All Astronauts) 2. Vancouver! Vancouver! This Is It! 3. Until You Love Me 4. I Cut My Teeth In the Freeway Revolts 5. Cruzando El Rio 6. On To Me 7. Retirement Pay 8. Laurel Rester 9. Smell, No Taste 10. The Waiting 11. Roosevelt Boulevard 12. Songs You Love to Hate 13. Ephrata 14. Collapse of the Peabody Hotel

Look for it mid September!

Bleed Radio Bleed is currently recording.

That's what we're doing.