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I am sitting and pondering about how far I have traveled in my music. How it all started for me as something people told me I should not do but I took the steps I needed to get better and now here I am. Tonight I was looking at my YouTube videos and seeing how my voice has really evolved from sounding off pitch and nervous, in need of training, to now it is sounding more controlled. It's funny, how I started with a dream of being a singer as a kid. I would sing all the time as I do now. Now that I am getting closer to my dreams becoming a reality, I tend to look back at the journey of how I began and where I am because I know this journey is just preparing me for where I am going. Even as I write everyday music for my upcoming album, I think about how current fans like my music and how new fans will like my music and my sound. Closer and closer is the dream that I have dreamed for years and as it becomes a reality, I have to look back at how long the road has been but appreciate the journey.

The "One Wish" Project

Since the release of "Something 'Bout the Way" I have been on a mission to do a CD. I have shopped all over the country looking for the best tracks,, the best producers and the best background vocalists to help me accomplish this. I have gotten two out of three. I found the most amazing tracks and a producer that is anxious to work with me. I have written what I think to be some of my best material for this project as well. The synopsis behind this is about love. Music today, for the most part, has missed the essence of that. For me and the "One Wish" project, I am writing form the aspect of love and how i would relay it's meaning in 2013. Again, I can't wait for you guys to hear it and thank you so much for listening to my music thus far. From my heart to yours, thank you.

Working toward my destiny

I like to thank all of you who have viewed and listened to my music. I am working toward making more music that you will enjoy now and in the future. Because of your continued support and encouragement, I am working more toward my destiny, and I owe it to God, and you. Thank you all so much and I pray you continue to support me.