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Release of new Digital album: "We Play Moore"

“Den Haag, December 6, 2013. ActiMusic, the Music Production company of Blues Dog announced today the digital release of the album Blues Dog & Friends, which is now availabe through the Blues Dog store. The album is a cooperation between Cees Koldijk (Vocalist and Composer) & Wilbert Kieboom (Lead Guitar and arrangements) who co produced the album. It also features artists, Maya Shanti, Diwa Meijman and Farida Merville. The backing band are known musicians, Guido Blom (King Jack) on Rhythm Guitar, Boaz Kroon (ex. Anouk/ King Jack) on Bass, Thijs Boontjes (ex. Anouk/ King Jack) on Keyboards and Ferry Kunst (King Jack) on Drums. Backing vocals by Farida Merville and Melinda Kieboom. The basic recording and mix was done by Attti Bauw. The photography credits go to Paul Teixeira. The Art Design is done by Juliette Kieboom and the Graphics Design by Oddesigns in The Netherlands. I thank all my friends for making this album possible.... Wilbert Kieboom (Blues Dog)”

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We are one of the Featured Artists of the Week on the Reverbnation Home Page which also gets us Featured on a few hundred thousand Facebook Applications. Every week, 30 Featured Artists are picked and rotate in and out of the 7 slots on their Home Page all week long and all getting the same amount of time. Their website gets 25 million+ visitors per month and 100 million+ page views per month. We are thankful.