Blackie Dawson / Blog

Thank You! (as stated above addition)

I want to thank all of my fans (new and old) for the continued support. It is great to see artist, especially, supporting fellow artists. With the corporate machine dictating like a spoiled child having to get its way, it is difficult for the non-mainstream original artist to have a voice and be heard. So as stated before, I am very grateful for the individuals that have taken the time to listen and fan my page. Only in numbers will all of us be heard.

My Music

As stated above, I write what I feel. I write for my own benefit to release something, or because a story forms in my head. I do not write because I want to fit in with the main stream. I do not have a genre. I understand that most will not get what each song represents. To expect the listener to read my mind, would be both arrogant and foolhardy. If you like my music, great! If you do not, then that is cool as well. We are all human and feel, see, smell, and express ourselves differently. With that, I hope you listen with an open mind.

Meaning of my Life

Music for me is a passion. It is a window to the soul. A way for me to escape the everyday existence and bath myself in a world of aural soundscapes. I bring what I write to you so that maybe you can find the same peace I find falling into a groove.