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Let There Be Rock!!!

Let there be ROCK!!!

...and on the eighth day god said 'let there be rock and roll'. thus was born the seeds that would be the ultimate in musical evolution, those angelic musicians dubbed by the ancient gods to be creeper, humbly put, the four-godlike celestial creatures comprising the band (and 'band' is by far too simplistic a term, as if one were to use the word 'trickle' to describe Niagara falls) are the alpha and the beta, they have reached the pinnacle, the acme, of the art form, it is only our duty to worship them as the chosen ones and regal them with fame and riches, our praise, however, cannot possibly ever match their glory, however we are obligated to try. men! gather you monies and give them a piddling 98% tithe, women! be generous with thy charms, in this may we barely begin to show our everlasting love and devotion to them for saving our worthless souls.

the prophecy has been fulfilled, to begin the circle let it be known that the man from the forest mist has emerged bearing a bass guitar, he is the silent guide of the unwashed masses, subtle and collected, beware not to touch his wondrous mane of hair lest you fall dead from joy at his feet, thus becoming unable to fulfill your worshipping duties to him. the first of them has arrived. so then has come the rhythmist, a giant man generously unbalanced in the crotch, his prowess for pleasing the gentler sex is legendary and in this is one of his two greatest talents, the other is a barely controlled frenzy as he beats upon the skins of his slain enemies, a beat that stirs dead hearts into re-action, this reaper tames women, this daemon controls life, he has come to continue the arc towards the completion of time where these kings shall reign supreme. the third was created by the seasons, where one time in the history of history all days of change met to make born what is the guitarist, winter, spring, summer and fall condensed into one awe-inspiring being. the bowels of the earth the womb, the elements his blood, he shall let ring the electric symphonies to end our mortal suffering, he has come to propel us into beautiful oblivion where, as it is written and as it should be, there are only...them.

the circle completes and here, now. stands the ultimate man of mankind, he who wields a mighty axe and whose voice is perfection personified, he is the luller, the last instigator of our destinies, the one true golden child to lead us away whilst we listen to the music, the power of his intellect and wisdom and modesty will humble even the best of us and make us seem as babes, which we will now know we are by comparison, and once he sings our spirits shall soar, and it shall lift from our bodies, never to return, so that we may be taken to a better place where we may revel in his benevolent essence, forever indulging in the bliss of having glimpsed but for a second in our meaningless lives his strength, he has come to close eternity, he is the last number of the combination to finalize time and open the secrets of the universe. let us rejoice! Amen.

by Ryan Barker

hey there!

i'm just setting up my new reverbnation page to let all my friends, family, and fans have access to my music online whenever or wherever they wish. enjoy. don't forget to like me on facebook and such. rock on! JOHNNY