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Sat, 3 October 2009 The 4th Anniversary Episode - Show #208 {Download Show in mp3 Format Here} or visit the Mevio website page

1] Freeky Cleen - "Blowin My Fuse" {pmn} 2] Chris Kirby - "Lift This Fog" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {MySpace} 3] Promo - One Minute How To 4] Jessie Murphy - "In The Woods" and "When I Am A Horse Again" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {MySpace} 5] On This Day In Blues History (P.W. Fenton) 6] Stars Go Dim (photo top-right) - "Get Over It" {Ariel Cyber PR} - {MySpace} 7] Building Rome - "Dr. Doctor" {pmn} 8] Brother Love - "There She Goes" {pmn} 9] Ken Kurland - "I've Got So Many Questions" {pmn} 10] Shelley Cousins Band - "What You're Not" (played by permission) - {MySpace} 11] David Tanny - "Crappys Rabbit Ear Antennas" {pmn}


Review by The Beatles Complete!

TUESDAY, JULY 7, 2009 025 - No Reply - Jessie Murphy In The Woods

Ready? Go!

No Reply is a John Lennon song about an obsessive creep who won’t take no for an answer. Himself. It is another of John’s Audio Restraining Orders, in the vein of Run For Your Life, It Won’t Be Long, and I’ll Get You.

No Reply is also the first song on the melancholy Beatles For Sale album. It is followed by the troubling I’m A Loser, and the morbid Baby’s In Black. Lennon’s sadness continues unabated on side two, with the self-pitying I Don’t Want To Spoil The Party. What a pooper.

Yes John, you do want to spoil the party. You’d be Carrie at The Prom if you could. You hate us, we the few, the happy.

What the hell was eating Lennon? And why was he eating so much? From my perspective, being a Beatle in late 1964 seems like a pretty good gig. For all intents and purposes, John had become a Living God. Perhaps only Napoleon or Alexander had experienced anything like it. But here’s our hero turning into Fat Elvis years before Elvis had the idea himself and writing totally bummed out material.

No Reply is a crappy song, but you have to admire Lennon’s honesty. It wouldn’t occur to me to share such ugly, insecure behavior and sentiments with my millions of teenage fans. I would tend to put on a pretend positive public face, despite my shaky, icky personality, like Michael Jackson.

Bad example. Back to the song:

We imagine a poor pretty girl is hiding in her house, tormented by a penniless jilted ex-boyfriend who’s skulking around, keeping close watch on her every movement.

At least our hero isn’t a homosexual pedophile. Uh oh, I just checked the lyrics. The gender of the love object in No Reply is never mentioned. It is only “You.” "You" at one point is seen walking hand in hand with another man. This tells us nothing. The love object could be Daniel Radcliffe for all we know.

I’ve always assumed that the new man walking hand in hand with the No Reply character is the same guy that John murders two songs later in Baby’s In Black. But it could be even worse than that.

Caribou Barbie Hiking On The Appalachian Trail Crazy. God only knows.

No Reply, like Run For Your Life, is not just sick and anti-social, it’s unoriginal. The concept closely follows the narrative of the 1957 mega-hit, Silhouettes (On The Shade).

“Took a walk and passed your house, late last night.” Silhouettes. “This happened once before, when I came to your door, No Reply.” “All the shades were closed and drawn, way down tight.” Silhouettes. “They said it wasn’t you, but I saw you peep through, your window.” No Reply. “From within the dim light cast, two silhouettes on the shade.”

Different tunes, same story.

The sound and orchestration of No Reply is gentle and acoustic. Why?

Like Led Zeppelin in 1968, two traits viscerally separated The Beatles of 1963 from every other band on earth.

They were the loudest band, and they had the longest hair. (Still not time for the big hair essay.) Why did they "suddenly" forget to kick ass? (Suddenly, I'm not half the man I used to be.)

... Read the rest at: http://thebeatlescompleteonukulele.blogspot.com/

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September 5th, 2009 The Thromboes - You Belong To Me PromiseLab - Burned Again Mammút - Gun Trina Elle - Too Late Dala - Alive Underwhelmed - Freak (Like Me) *Powerplay : "Reveal"* David Packouz - Carpe Diem! Loomis & The Lust - Sweetness Research Turtles - 925 Daje - Sans conteste Underwhelmed - Reachin' *Powerplay : "Reveal"* Kooblai Cash - Skylark Ju-Taun - Get @ Me JP Delaire - The Game Of Love Minoka Jalili - Biya Bare Safar Bandim Underwhelmed - Something In Myself *Powerplay : "Reveal"* Jessie Murphy - In The Woods Planetary Nights - Countin' On You Phil Anastacia (feat. Rahsaan and Lazy K) - What If Verismo - Houseboy


Review on Mossip.com!

Jessie Murphy is so new, that they don't have an album out yet, but they have several tracks ready for Into The Woods, which needs to be released. The five songs that are ready to go blend chamber music with pop, and what comes out is something a little beyond ethereal. The title track is an upbeat celtic sounding ballad, with vocals that pull you in and hypnotize. Eight Belles has a childlike quality to it. Listening to it, you almost want to have a child around to sing it to. God Save Owen Wilson will make you smile while its chorus wraps magically around your brain, and that's a good thing, really.

Jessie Murphy is made up of...well Jessie Murphy, Marcia Wood and Amy Wood. All three are music teachers and they bring that experience to this album, by playing a myriad of instruments, that both dazzle and delight anyone lucky enough to listen.

Their sound is so unique that it has to generate notice and when it does, they are going to heard everywhere, as is fitting. Listen to them now, don't wait another minute.