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Sebastian Jaross (Solo) / Blog

Adolf Keebler c2013

All Bare witness to the birth of:

"Adolf Keebler", (c2013 AKP) "The Adolf Keebler Project", (c2013 AKP)

The Keebler elves were created in the late 1930's by the German American Bund to inure middle-class America to the overtly racist and expansionist policies of Nazi Germany. Thus they were named after prominent Nazis such as Hitler, Goring, Goebbels, Horst Wessel, and Julius Streicher to name but a few. The idea was that the juxtaposition of the names of these obviously psychopathic and evil men with images of cutesy cartoon characters would somehow mitigate against any change in American isolationist foreign policy. It worked only too well. Up yours, Kellogg's.

"Genesis Jack", (c2013 AKP) "Death Cookies", (c2013 AKP) "Holocaustic", (c2013 AKP)

"Stay tuned for something very different"

:) 'Peace'

A question About "F.U.P.C." from "Scurio"

Scurio: (Producer, DJ in Alkmaar) Cool sketch Sebastian! Only one question comes to mind: Ain't it hard or strange to release it next year when you no longer can stand behind the lyric? Or do you just let the music flow, in the knowledge that the music is still very good & bluesy/groovy? I'm just curious. Peace amigo!

Sebastian Jaross (Solo): Right on!! Thank you so much Brother Scurio. Great question. I totally stand behind the song and the work itself. I think the lyric is the right one for this song. Even the message is perfect for this song. I think the statement is artistically complete. I just don't agree with what is says. Its a bitter sexist song in many ways but that doesn't mean it shouldn't be said. I believe all thought should be aired. I just don't want to promote sexism. I wrote this song 13 years ago. I've grown a lot as a person in that time. I no longer subscribe to the ideology of gender division in many ways. I still appreciate the obvious physical differences between the sexes but I think that is where the differences end. Purely physical. We are all the same thing just different expressions of it. Race is the same issue. As is geographical location cultural heritage and political affiliation. All of these elements are rich and important parts of who we are and should be celebrated but they are all purely aesthetic. We aren't one. But "We're Equal" in every way. Now that's justice. That's Equality. And that's also simply my opinion. But it means a lot to me. I'm sure you seen me self censor my own commentary. I do that because I think its polite when speaking to a group to moderate ones language because it can be incendiary if unchecked. But I would never censor art or allow it to be censored. Especially my own. Some songs I write shock me. I can't always determine what a song wants to say. Its not always me saying it. Art and music have their own voice. So to put it simply. I love this song and I will always play it. I'm very glad to be recreating the track from the ground up. I'm proud of the art. But I wont promote its beliefs. They are the songs ideology. Not my own. I understand that my thinking presents a juxtapose view. luckily for me I'm an artist not a philosopher. I don't have to understand it. But I do think its important to explain the parts I do understand. WOW.. That was a ton of words. I'm so much more fun in my music then I am In my philosophy. Don't get me wrong. I'm fairly normal really. The bottom line is Enjoy the art for art sake. Enjoy the words because they are funny. Just remember Equality is more important then funny. That's why I bothered to mention it at all. I've seen the damage my words can do. Anyway.. I'm so glad you Liked the tune Brother Scurio. I love this song :) 'Peace'

Scurio (Producer, DJ in Alkmaar) I know exactly what you mean Sebastian, thanks for your great answer! I sometimes also make something, musically of lyrically that just pops up at some moment, at that time it feels like I'm only a messenger or I got the feeling it need to be created in that specific way. It just happens and is unstoppable. Keep on creating, writing and making great music my friend! Many fans here and beyond will keep supporting you, just follow your heart and the music! Or, just like Prince always says: Peace & Be Wild:)

Sebastian Jaross (Solo) Yes.. Great answer to my answer Brother And most definitely "Peace & Be Wild" :) 'Peace'

Artist's notes:

"Were Equal" I give it away because its the truth. I don't charge for that. I want to have this piece properly produced. Then I want to give the rights to Oxfam America or another like minded Organization. That's why I put it here.

"Mel" My favorite piece ever. I still own it. I would love to cut it again with an art Beat band. To my ear its beautiful. But my mind hears it differently.

"Dry" This is an art piece. I use it to display the fact that I can layer bass without collusion. An important skill. Especially in more atmospheric genres. It's a display case piece (non-interactive).

F.U.P.C. (Fu@# You Politically Correct) First: I really don't feel this way anymore. But I did once. Not entirely happy with my vocal approach on this one. Its intentionally raw and conversational. Its a lounge piece (Intentionally cheesy). This is the brain child of Rustle "Baloo" Ruddy. Its his. But The lyric and bass work is my own. I think its funny :)

"Ditty don do dat" Another vocal test. I give this one away. For about two months I really wanted to say this but I couldn't. Now I can. But I don't feel this way anymore.

"(Opus) E-Theory Hell:" I wrote the intro for a theory or improve final in 1990. I'm so proud of the writing. But unhappy with my bass line. I want to re-cut it. Optimally with the same line up.

"Master Baiter, Hippy crap, C-span Superman" You just had to be there. There's no other way to explain it. the idiots where a whole, very weird, thing. That I love with all my heart. I still stand behind all the lyrics. Even if they lock me up.

"All Morpheus tracks" Pure guts and glory. I was studying theory at the time and I thought every piece I wrote was a master piece. Because felt that way they became that way. My favorite band ever.

"All Craig Allen tracks" Thank you so much for helpin' a "Brother" show the world hes the real deal recorded "Live".

"18 wheeler" That's "Cuzn Pat" Young's song. He does it now with Dragonfly genocide. Probably better :)

"Hippy Crap" Now belongs to "Dragonfly genocide" as well.

"Voyeur" Is one they should keep too.

More to come... Stay tuned... 'Peace'

Artists prospectus "Graphium project"

I was sifting through about a hundred emails from artist when I came across a very artistic cat. "Graphium". His cover image reminded me of a character I used to write from in the late 80's. So I had to find out if he projected the same image musically. His writing, technique, and production are stylized, artistic, and creative while remaining respectful of the listeners expectations. I'm the same type of musician. I kept returning to his material to insure that I had heard those elements in this artist. He sent this: "..enjoyed your tracks, especially 'Dry' The interplay between the different parts is really smart and the layers of sound you build up create a well balanced clean sounding atmosphere. Which is a skill in itself (I've learned how hard it can be creating atmospheres with Bass guitars - most end up muddled and over dirty) ... but you've nailed it :) Peace my friend." He nailed it. I responded: "I hated it. At first. I listened hard because I loved your other material. I get it. Its so minimalist that I filled in the blanks. its interactive art ''Peace' :)" I nailed it. In the end artists with great skill that love the art of custom communication are ripe for collaboration. We haven't discussed application at length. We have expressed an interest In creating an art piece but more interestingly to use this project to score a film. I'm not a fan of commercial sentiment, however, the end result will undoubtedly have a commercial tinge while remaining artistic.

Graphium Tracks: http://www.reverbnation.com/graphium

Sebastian Jaross Tracks: http://www.reverbnation.com/sebastianjarosssolo

Artists prospectus, Sebastian Jaross, 04/24/2013

About me & other Artists:

First: A big thank you to Craig Allen for graciously granting me permission to use these tracks for display purposes.

"The Craig Allen Blues Band" Craig Allen (Lead Vocal, The CABB "Live @ The Iron Horse") http://www.myspace.com/oregonbluesman (Not Updated) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USE_f9BrbXg (Current)

Ron (The blues Doctor) Wetzel (Lead Guitar, The CABB "Live @ The Iron Horse")

Tom Wallenburn (Rhythm guitar, The CABB "Live @ The Iron Horse")

Tommy Sims (Drums, The CABB "Live @ The Iron Horse")

And Sebastian D. Jaross (Me) on Bass

"Morpheus": Eliot Burke (The finest drummer I have ever known. Morpheus "God of Dreams")

Josh Tyree (bitchin' hot, passionate, lead vocal on the Morpheus "God of Dreams") mercuryrisingqueentribute.com (Curent) http://www.myspace.com/yhshvh10 (AKA. Jese Ray Tohu) (2009) http://www.myspace.com/scrotobagginsband (2007)

Kevin Evansen (lead guitar. 'Screaming hot leads', Morpheus "God of Dreams") http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/KevinEvansen (2012) http://kevinevansenmusic.com/ (current) http://www.myspace.com/yhshvh10 (2009) http://www.myspace.com/scrotobagginsband#! (2007)

and Sebastian D. Jaross (Me) On Bass.

"The Idiot Savants", "Dragonfly Genocide", now. http://www.reverbnation.com/dragonflygenocyde https://www.facebook.com/pages/Dragonfly-Genocyde/118563621552946?sk=app_2405167945

"Cuzin' Pat" Young (lead vocal, lead crazy, The Idiot Savant "Mel")

Rustle "Baloo" Ruddy (An empathetic and dynamic lead on The Idiot Savant "Mel")

Anna "Fred" Smith (Drums, The Idiot Savant "Mel")

and Sebastian D. Jaross (Me) On Bass.

"Manic Weekend Session" William Creswell (lyrics and guitar work, The 80's inspired "Vitamin C" and "Pisces 4" and Sebastian D. Jaross (Me) On Bass.

Other then that all: Bass, Guitar, Vocal (male, female parts), Keyboard, drum, etc. work is my own. .......................................................... I'm always up for a new band, a good jam, collaboration, a stand in gig, or studio work of any kind, any style.