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A Band?

Thinking of putting a band together. I'm working to get better so that I can do shows. I can't play all that stuff on stage by myself, besides I'm still working on singing and playing at the same time. I already have a name for my/our band, so if anyone is interested that lives in Milwaukee, let me know. I don't care about your sex, or sexual preference, religion, ethnicity, skill level or age. I am still a beginner guitarist, vocalist, and bassist. If you are too, we can grow together. If you are intermediate or advanced, I'll just have to work harder to keep up. It just means I'll have to practice more.


This week I'll be showing support to a few artists with a sincere and meaningful gesture. I don't have lots of money, but I am gonna show the ultimate form of support. I'm gonna buy some of your music.

Thanks To You All!!!

Thanks to everyone for their support. I appreciate every second that you take to listen and enjoy.


I am working to complete my second CD but other financial obligations must come first. Unfortunately. Bear with me though, it will see the light.

Getting Closer!!!

Should be debuting a few rough mixes soon. Lots going on. Lots to do. See you soon.

New CD coming

Possibly September. 13 songs or more. Working on more multi-genre goodness. Feeling good about the material currently being crafted. Will keep you all posted.

CD Available Now

CD available Digitally on Reverb Nation, iTunes, Amazon, CD Baby etc. Physical CD purchase on CD Baby.Com

November Or Sooner...

CD is delayed by money problems. Currently unemployed, so finding a job is the top priority. Hopefully I can lock something down soon and get things back on track.

CD Release moved back to 9/9/13

I really want to release a good CD, and so I am taking time to fix errors and re-record vocal parts. I am also considering starting a band to play my songs for shows. I also want the new band to create original material. I already have a name for the band and I have checked to see if anyone is using it and I am not finding anything. I am guessing the band name is safe.

Standing by my word

Please be patient if you become a fan. I actually visit your profile and listen to some of your music before becoming a fan of yours.