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the story of Rock Symphony Billion...

Our second full-length album has now been released, but what's the story behind it? Building on some of the ideas and experiences from A Mystery Yet Unknown, We wanted to make an album that represented the band's stage sound, while still giving the listener a single experience from beginning to end. In short, we wanted an album that felt like a Mystery Loves Company show. With this in mind, the idea of recording all the instrument tracks simultaneously became a driving force for our decision-making process. Lucky Run Studios offered that opportunity, with four separate studio rooms (each on separate foundations to eliminate any possibility of sound traveling from one room to another), individual track headphone controls for each performer, and a digital camera system that allowed each band member to see the rest of the band. The tracks were recorded the old fashion way, with multiple takes of single, uncut tracks, looking for that one golden performance of the song. A take was either right or it wasn't. In an over-produced world, we wanted the record to be us. Then, perhaps against the expectation, we hired a vocal producer to help us bring out a "stage-like" performance and energy in the studio. RawVox Productions ensured the setting and mood were perfect for Carlos and Maddy to forget they weren't singing while playing their instruments in front of an audience. The material ranged from MLC staples to brand new at the time of recording, but the most important factor was to craft the music into movements that would tell an underlying story beyond the lyrics and melodies. Rock Symphony Billion is a complete work, and while some of the songs may be played or enjoyed as singles, they only represent part of a whole. Finally, we spent the rest of our pennies (or the rest of our credit) on mastering, to ensure that you could hear what was being played the way it was played. Terra Nova Mastering gave us that opportunity. These are individual performers putting on a show, tearing their hearts open and giving you a piece of them. And since you're not seeing them give you this performance, the album itself needed to create this picture for you. In the end, Rock Symphony Billion becomes your personal experience. What we accomplished is judged anew every time the album is heard. So you are the judge, and in some ways, you are also the performance itself. What's next? Something very different, we're sure. And you can be sure we'll give it all we've got. You can find Rock Symphony Billion on iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, our website (www.mysteryloves.com) and other online retailers... Until next time, with love as always... -MLC

The Hystory of the Mystery... by Carlos A. Machado

I’m a self-taught guitar player and songwriter. While I’ve always considered myself a writer, I never thought of myself as a singer or musician. I started hitting the Houston open mic scene in early 2012 after a rough 2011 left me with a desire to try new things and grow in new directions. I had been writing songs as a hobby for more than 10 years with absolutely no intent to pursue a career in music, but after starting to perform them I felt the need to keep doing it…

I met Madeline at an open mic at the Mucky Duck in October of 2012. She played and sang a couple of covers with a friend on her cello. I’d been looking for a cellist to collaborate with on a couple of songs, so I immediately went up to her and gave her a business card. Coincidentally, she was hoping to collaborate with someone and do something new with her 20+ years of experience and musical education. I sent her a couple of songs (crudely recorded on my phone) and we met the next weekend for a jam session. She showed me a couple of ideas which were not at all what I had in mind, but the result was so unique I knew right away we had something worth pursuing.

By the spring of 2013 we had been performing around town and were looking for a third piece/songwriter. We needed something with enough edge (like a sax or electric guitar) to take the lead when needed, but enough sensibility to blend with the cello on the more classical aspects of our sound. The clarinet came up as an option in a couple of conversations, but we didn’t have much hope of finding a clarinet player willing to step out of the classical world and take a chance on the rock scene. In May 2013 we met Alauna at Avant Garden warming up for a gig. Alauna had a long history of classical, jazz, and improvisational performance, with the latter part of his musical career being devoted almost entirely to avant-garde/unstructured improvisation. We invited him for a jam session, and within a short time we knew we had what we were looking for.

We launched a Kickstarter campaign in July of 2013, and by the end of August, we began working on the record, A Mystery Yet Unknown, with a very modest budget and an aggressive self-imposed deadline. Having released a Demo/EP earlier in the year (the Worlds Collide EP), we were looking for a true representation of who we are as a band, as musicians, and as performers.

A Mystery Yet Unknown represents our thoughts about what a record should be—a single meaningful experience from beginning to end—as well as a good indication of what to expect from us in a live setting. To this end we recorded straight/unedited tracks with multiple instruments simultaneously whenever possible. Rather than compile our 10 favorite songs into a marketable package, we built this record the way we build our performances, with moments and movements instead of tracks, letting the set itself dictate what belonged and what didn’t. In my opinion the result is a record with its own voice and personality, and because of this approach we are happy to say there is much more to come…

Having spent every penny raised, and some of our own pennies, A Mystery Yet Unknown was released just over a month ago at Molly’s Pub Downtown. It is available at Cactus Music (in Houston), our website (www.mysteryloves.com), and online retailers (iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, Amazon, etc…)

Debut Album Release

Well... the time is finally here...

We are very excited to announce that our debut album (A Mystery Yet Unknown) is now in production and will be released next week! If you have the opportunity, we'd love to see you in person at the release party. The details are on our page.

And please take a moment to help us build a little hype for this album by Liking and Sharing our Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Mystery-Loves-Company/490067237683389).

It is worth mentioning that this album would not have been possible without such progressive ideas as crowd-funding and companies like Kickstarter who embrace them. And of course, those ideas would only be platforms without the support of the wonderful people we're blessed to call our fans, who gave so generously in support of this effort.

This album is us... from beginning to end. The necessity to produce an album independently, like all necessities, is not without great opportunity and reward. We poured ourselves completely and openly into the making of this project, and regardless of the outcome, we will always be proud of it because we did it the way we thought was right.

We do, of course, hope you like it, and we hope wherever it goes, it will do some good.

Have a great weekend!

Kickstarter project

We have launched a Kickstarter project for our Debut album, which will be the best representation to date of the band's sound, philosophy, and feel.

Check it out at www.mysteryloves.info

Worlds Collide EP


We are very excited to announce that our Worlds Collide EP is now available...

Check it out at mysteryloves.com