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Package Deal plays the Bucksnort

The sleepy northern Mi town of Mesick was invaded by the Package Deal Express Tour on Sat April 13,2013. The band found a full house waiting for them and everyone rocked out and had a great time. Rock solid drummer Rick Bentley provided the pounding urgent beat to call out all rock and rollers to a up north hullaballoo! Dave Kay displayed his mastery of the sub-sonic atmosphere by thumping , trilling and bending those massive bass strings and giving all in ear range a major audio woody. Ms. Tootie F Knight wowwed the audience with her dynamic vocals and her devastating violin chops bringing a whole new dimension to the genre of rock. Russ Sulich brought the English Marshall roar and rattled the windows in downtown Mesick. Package Deal delivered the first spring get out for the little town to get together and say " winters over,LET IT ROCK!". The Bucksnort Bar has expressed the desire of a Package Deal return trip.