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Will be posting blog of upcoming happings and shows. Stay tuned!!!!

Will be making a video blog this weekend and have it up by sunday.

Writing process!?!? Tougher than most think!

A lot of the process of writing these songs and putting my heart out there is a risky and draining thing. When I am in the moment I am not thinking of anything but the story and its impact on the song. Now that some people have sent me feedback it validates that these apply to not just me anymore.....but to all listener's and fans of my band! It gives me strength to do more and when I say strength I mean, as a song writer you hit blanks. Blocked by the fact that sometimes I felt like I was writing for me and me only. But with the strength I get from fans and family helps me not loose momentum with what I am trying to do. I have had a lot of people in the past come up to me after shows(Element, XIT27) and comment on how awesome, great or badass the show was......that's much appreciated but never got much feedback on song content or impact the songs had on them and not the mosh pit! That's what I have always wanted to get heard is the songs and not just get the band or me SEEN! I am loving playing small places to small crowds in these new intimate settings. Its been humbling and I needed it. Well enough rambling on. I hope you all have a chance to listen to some of the new music and it message....and if you like it please leave some feedback and or follow our progress.


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New Shows!!!!!!!!!!

Go check out our upcoming shows.... www.jimmydeanjohnsonband.com or face book etc.

Whos going to sauced tomorrow???

Hope to see some old and new friends at sauced tomorrow night!!! Great food good drinks and free music. See you there!!!!


Please come out and hang out with me and have some amazing pizza and good times!!!


We have our new website up and ready for you to listen to songs or watch videos. There are links to our new mobile app. as well as twitter and facebook. Check out for my upcoming shows and merchandise!!!!


New site is up and going strong. Please go check it out and sign the mailing list. www.jimmydeanjohnsonband.com