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If only the creative process was like a faucet.... turn it on and off when you felt like it. So a question to ponder is, why? Is it because your life has become stagnant, because you have nothing to say, you're stressed, etc. I wish I had the answer to this question. I also wish I had the answer to my personal writers' block at the moment. Hopefully something will inspire me or click soon. As I feel badly that not one new musical idea has been worthy to pursue beyond the initial thought.

2nd time

Working on a second collaboration with my guitarist friend from Germany. This time, my song and he's gonna do the lead guitar work. We'll see how it goes. I think this one is truly going to rock.

1st collaberation

New song, "Give Me All Your Love" by Stephan Georg. He wrote, performed and mixed it. I did only the vocal. Not my usual style, so it was a bit of a challenge and it was definitely fun. He is a very talented guitarist. Check him out on Facebook: Stephan Georg.


You Can Say Goodbye

New song is up and posted. After many hours and mixes... still not 100% happy with it, but you gotta walk away sometimes and say, "It's done". I hope you all like it, I tried really hard for something a bit different on this one, but tried to stay true to me as well.

New song

Is pursuing perfection just another form of self induced insanity? Well, right now I'm going insane trying to get the vocal for this new song right. LOL I truly hope by the weekend I have the time and patience to get this right. The song is so good ( I think anyway ) that I don't want anything less than perfect on the vocal. Or at least as close to perfect as possible. Wish me luck in the struggle.

Radio Air Play

Hi all. I am totally excited to be getting played this Sunday March 23rd 6PM EST on MuseBoatRadio.com. I am so appreciative of the opportunity. Thanks TJ

New Material !!

Two new songs posted. One is a ballad called "Blinded By Love". The second song a surf rock instrumental called "Bogle"

New Ballad Posted

Just uploaded a new original ballad, very pretty song. Take a minute and check it out, would love to hear peoples' thoughts on it.

youtube channel link