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It's been a while...

Hey friends! Happy New Year!! I hope everyone had a chance to visit with family and friends over the holidays, and have a spirit or two (or twelve if you belong to my clan). This past year has come with many challenges... to say the least. Losing my voice really took a toll on me... emotionally, psychologically and physically. The old saying, "You don't know what you've got till it's gone" rang loudly in my ears. The good news is that I have no physical damage on my vocal cords and I've been cleared to start belting again. :) What happened? Well... because I have no formal training, I've developed some bad habits and bad technique I guess *oops!* and when NoFoolin' was gigging a bunch, I happened to get a little sick and ended up straining the cords to the point of paralysis. BUT, I am on the upswing and I've a new appreciation for my voice and for the musicians in my life. NoFoolin' will be gigging again real soon and I can't wait!! So here's to a positive attitude, a healthy new year and music for the soul baby! *high five* PaulaWalla

New Stuff!

Hey friends! I just uploaded a small sample of my band NoFoolin' :) Recorded live, from the Electric Chair and we loved every bit of it. Have a listen - and enjoy!! xo, Paula


Hey cool cats! :) How's the 'biz' been treating you? Now that school has finished for the semester, I finally have a bit of a break and time to focus on the music. And let me tell you, it feels awesome! The NoFoolin' band is well underway and starting to propel ourselves into the local scene with a bit more 'umph'. Gigs are opening up and the band just keeps getting tighter and tighter. The originals are creeping in now also and it's exciting to say the least. We have some shows coming up: May 29th @ Queen Alexandra Hall (10425 University Ave) for the fabulous music lovers and supporters - the Edmonton Blues Society! June 5th we play for the Narcotics Anonymous convention here in Edmonton. These people have a reason to celebrate each and every day and it was a pleasure to play for them in the past. Kudos to everyone coping with addiction and choosing to live a sober life. Keep the faith my friends! August 20-21 @ the Tim Town Music Festival in Comox, BC. If you ever pondered a little jaunt off to the beautiful British Columbia – there’s no better time or reason! September 5th @ the Beaumont Blues Festival baby!!!! This festival has always proven to be a wonderful weekend of great music and great people. Weekend or day passes are available and sell quickly – don’t miss out!!! The originals that Bruce and I have been working on (since the dawn of time) are still being worked on. I gotta laugh because if I don’t – I’ll punch someone square in the throat. LOL You see… it’s quite frustrating to have the creativity and the inspiration and the tools, talent, and commitment to make original music BUT NO EFFIN’ TIME!!! Please, YOU! Yes YOU! The wealth benefactor of my first cd release – I’m WAITING!!! Or that rich distant uncle… PAY UP PAL! At least I could ditch the nine-to-five and dedicate myself to the tunes… but such is life. They are coming. I hope you all are enjoying your spring! Summer is just around the corner… slurpee anyone? xoxo, Paula

Edmonton Blues Society

Big Hank and Friends on January 23rd at Queen Alexandra Hall was an absolute blast! It was sponsored by the Edmonton Blues Society and what a night it was. The entire evening was a musical treat with tasty variations and grooves that appealed to all. My band NoFoolin' had the absolute pleasure of closing the show and we were truly appreciative. We had a blast!! The crowd was a hoot and every single person was a star. What a fabulous group of people and true true fans of music :)

Merry Merry

Happy holidays all you crazy knuckleheads! Is Santa gonna be kind to you this year? Naughty can be nice you know ;) Between finishing another semester of university, getting through exams and working every day until the day I leave for vacation, its no wonder there's been no time to record. And let me tell you friends - this is frustrating. Especially when you have more than enough material for a CD. Like Alannis said, "It's like ten thousand spoons when all ya need is a knife." I'm starting to feel like a bit of broken record, but at least it's a music analogy. :) Hang tight buckeroos! I promise they're on their way! Happy Holidays - Eat, Drink, and Be Merry! Paula xoxo

What now?

Hey hey!! With Paula as a first name - you can better believe I've heard a lot of "hey hey" in my time :) Thank you Mr. Anka. Well... some things have changed since I was last 'blogging'. And really - updating the blog three times a year doesn't constitute blogging... er, does it? The music on ReverbNation has been a fantastic place for Bruce and I to display our originals. The support from our little music family here has been wonderful. So let me take this time to thank you, sincerely, because your support and friendship means the world to me - and the band. Unfortunately, we have only managed to record two thus far... but the others are written and waiting to be laid down. So stay tuned!! xoxox Paula P

The beginning...

So Bruce and I have collaborated on eight songs and it's been interesting to say the least. We wanted to release these songs as they unfolded and transformed into a finished product. There's something about raw uncut tracks... the improvised ending, the extra twelve bar guitar solo, the hum of the amps... all the idiosyncrasies that make a song 'unfinished', also make it real. This is a journey for us and we'd like to share as much of it as possible. We will definately go into the studio, but for now we have to finish charting and fine-tuning the music... then the big money studio time. :) Our time is scattered but our devotion is solid so stay tuned and lets see where this all ends up shall we? CHEERS!