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Los Brazos, August 7, 2015 I have this “off-the-beaten-path” syndrome which I inherited from my father and sometimes makes me get lost (literally) due to this tendency to avoid main roads. The thing is that last Friday, everything was going as planned and my friends and I agreed on meeting at 8:30pm to attend this local festival in which there were 5 good rock bands playing on a nice stage surrounded by some bars. However, I also saw on the internet that LOS BRAZOS had, on the same night, a gig scheduled in some secluded paradise beach whose name escapes me facing the Atlantic Ocean one hour++ drive west. I said to myself: “why should we do the same as everyone else and go to that festival? Besides, I had not seen LOS BRAZOS in a long time and they are supposed to release their 3rd album in a month. Most of my friends decided to attend the festival and declined my proposal with the exception of Uriel and JJ Thornton. Thus, off we went the “three amigos” driving in the middle of a pitch dark rainy night. When we got to that secluded beach after being on the verge of getting lost among country roads, I first saw William, the front-man of LOS BRAZOS, with a permanent frown. It had been raining with some gusty winds and everything was soaked in water, the music equipment was fortunately in the vans. They were about to cancel the concert. I felt like a fool again. We could have been enjoying that festival and here we were in the middle of nowhere with nothing to do. The gig was sponsored by the only bar on the beach and this stall has a reputation for its mojitos. We ordered some while we tried to think of plan B. We went for a stroll on this gorgeous beach below some cliffs. The rest of the audience was socializing a little bit, but there was not much to do there. Some people already left and I went to say goodbye to the musicians, Txemi, Koki, and William. I was about to shake hands with Williams when he said: “Wait a minute, please”. He went around the bar and started checking out some wooden deck chairs. It was not raining anymore, but the floor was still wet. Then, it was one of those things that make William a great guy. William thought that with the wooden deck chairs we could build a dry double deck on stage. Next think we knew there was a stage above the puddles and they were uploading the equipment. At that time, I could read the mind of the members of Los Brazos. There were about 50 fans who drove all the way there and the band did not want to disappoint them. I guess so much challenge at the beginning of the night gave Los Brazos an extra motivation because they played for 3 hours. Everybody was into the concert dancing, cheering and watching the band with undivided attention. After the gig, nobody wanted to leave and people stayed on to have some drinks with the band and get their CDs signed by every single member of Los Brazos. That night, William incidentally reminded me that bands also build their reputation with deeds, not only with attitude. Definitely, it was a great night to remember at many levels. Rock ‘n’ roll nights

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Good news! This summer, July 20th, Los Brazos will be performing on the Saturday's night concert of the XXV International Blues Festival Getxo 2013.