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Thanks to our new fans joining us here.

I am truly sorry not to have paid more attention to this page as we seem to picking up new fans and rising up the charts rapidly now. As I have seen so many new fans I have not been able to send all of you a thank you or let you know when I do fan you back I also see to it that it is posted on Facebook. If you want to have me do the same on Twitter I will need for you to follow us there as I have reached my limit as to how many people I can tweet to unless you add yourself there and then every time you post something here it will automatically be posted on both sites. I will make an effort during my spare time to try and send each of you a thank you note or just do the fan you back thing. I will also highlight each artist in my recommendations as each of you join us here. I will be passing the word about you please do the same for us.Hope to see you all on tour soon where I hope that I will be on playbills with some of you and meeting all of you who come out during the meet and greet after each show.

Making Things Come Together To Make All Your Web Pages Rock

For some the tedious time spent on maintaining different web pages for your band, your friends, your fans, and your family to let them know about an event, a show, a venue, and just getting together for a family dinner means letting folks know way in advance that something is coming up they don't want to miss. I spend time every day working the Face Book, My Space, Noise Head, and other sites including this one to keep people coming out to shows, catch them up on how soon our new album will be released and where they can find it once it is available for them to purchase.

The thing here is by syncing pages through a site like this one saves you time and energy you could be spending doing something you really want to do because you are not locked down on your computer spending hours building various pages. Instead by having your Fans Reach built up and other accounts synced then you don't have to do anything but put your posts on the other pages and it is immediately posted here meaning you are not spending time here adding all the things you have already posted on Face Book or My Space or maybe even Twitter because it all posts here any time you post anything on the other web pages.

I don't know how many times I've spent day after day just going over my pages and having our web page administrator b build up each page costing us funds we could be using to advertise instead of just posting blogs or bulletins to reach out to fans at each page. Not any more because now we have Reverb Nation posting everything from any page we have synced up to here. So I don't spend enough time at each page in the past to be able to keep up with what everyone is doing. I just load up any of the other pages and the information is transferred here.

So if I was you and I had a band or was an artist looking to promote themselves what better way than to have all your accounts synced up. I was so glad to have the other pages linked here to promote the band even though my statistics here are not as good as YOU ROCK THE WORLD but may be as time goes on we will catch on here too. With the other pages already synced I am headed in the right direction. Could it be that our stats in 4 genres there in Blues, Classic Rock, Metal, and Rock have shown that people really like our music. Placing us at the top of each chart but Rock we are holding down the 2, 3, & 4 positions on the charts in Blues; tracking at 3, 4, & 5 in Classic Rock; holding down the 2 & 3 positions in Metal, positions 42, 43, 44, 45, & 46 on the Rock charts and charting the album at 22 while overall the band is placing in at 7 in the standings.

What all this means is that I have little or no support here on this site but our standings here have improved slowly but very steady climb up in the standings. I am hoping by posting this blog that it will bring more attention to our music posted here on Reverb Nation to help spring board us here too. If you have not heard the album or have found it hard to purchase it because we have sold out the first printing and are in the process of making more CDs available from the second printing.

You can of course download us at numerous places on the web including Rhapsody, I Tunes, and Noisehead.com. Hopefully you will like the music and want to download us.

So if this is your first time stopping by please check out our other pages, listen to the music, & then return here and join our fan club, street teams, and leave us a comment on our music. The band would really appreciate your support. We love being able to bring our music to all of you and hopefully this will help breakthrough into the mainstream and sell lots of CDs.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out.

Peace to all of you. Take Care.