Studio Update by Doug Hovan

I was so wasted I don’t even remember recording. That’s what I used to say haha, but this recording was much more important. As I’ve told people, the guys have only been waiting 20 years to put out another cd, but I’ve been waiting 8 months! Well, we rocked. The new songs are awesome! Though I love them all, I’d have to say my favorite one is, “Dogs Gotta Roam” to play on drums. Very raw - Judas Priest/AC/DC type with some Cheap Trick drum beats. Since I don’t use a click track, it was all about staying in the pocket, and by Fernies smiles during the recording I think we pulled it off. I’m excited and looking forward to the reactions this new cd brings. My gut tells me it’s gonna open the doors to bigger things ahead. But hey, with the initials DP, you gotta be a little cocky. Hope you like it!


Entering The Studio...

Tonight is the final rehearsal before Jetboy heads into the studio to record new songs for the first time in nearly 20 years.

Last week we played at Bar Sinister in Hollywood alongside a bunch of hot chicks and weirdos in a fashion show for the fine people at Lip Service. We fit right in since other than our vintage rock shirts and Fernie's thrift store finds, we were proudly wearing the clothes ourselves. We played some of the new songs at the gig and they were probably the most well received tunes in the set.

Here are some of the songs we will be recording: Dogs Gotta Roam- fast riff filled and crunchy with tons of punk rock attitude. Perfectly Wrong- sounds like something from Rocks era Aerosmith. Going Down From Above The Clouds- Catchy rock anthem with AC/DC guitars and Stones Swagger Crank It Up- Billy Rowe slide guitar. Rose Tattoo style tune Losing Streak- catchy tune that sounds like classic Jetboy

We will be checking in all week with more updates.

Sincerely, Michael Butler

Please welcome, Doug Hovan!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! We thought we'd give you a little more insight into the most recent addition to the Jetboy family, our new drummer Doug! He wanted to share a few words with you guys, so here it goes...

What's happenin'?

So five years into my death metal band (making this 1985), an old friend from high school, Jenny, ask me if I'd like to check out her friends "glam" rock band - Jetboy. Glam? I mean, I'm all into David Bowie and all, but dudes with make-up? Needless to say, I went. As I walked into the Rock On Broadway back in 1985 the first thing I noticed was the crowd. It was packed with girls AND guys. I remember thinking – in between staring at Mick's blue Mohawk, Billy & Fern's massive hair, and Todd's face which I couldn't see (hair again) was that, they had some pretty fuckin' catchy songs. I was thinkin', hmmm maybe I should re-think my musically direction because I was sold!

After starting up a friendship with Mick 23 years ago we lost touch through the next 2 decades. But being a fan and supporter of the SF scene I did buy a ticket to see Jetboy at the Oakland Stadium, opening for Motley Crue, Whitesnake & Poison. I still remember walking through the parking lot with a bottle of Jim Beam and slightly jealous only to find out they had already played – minus Billy, due to a car accident. But being the fan I was - I sold my ticket in the parking lot and left within the next 5 minutes.

So 15 bands later, with locals like Danny West of Vain, Ron Yocom of The Seahags, Texacala Jones of Tex & The Horseheads, etc., 2 major label blown record deals, and 31 years worth of dreams – I myspace Billy 1 week after returning to the bay area. I asked if he was interested in forming a new band ( even though we hadn't spoken in over 20 years)….2 weeks later - I'm asked to join his cover band AND 2 months later I'm asked to join Jetboy!

So my life has come full circle back to where it all began and where I came from, with 4 other cool dudes with the same drive. It can be summed up in 2 words = FUCK yeah!


Take ALL Your Meds!!!

Yes thats exactly what I'm doing. I'll be done in another 2 or 3 days yipeee!! If you don't finish them, then the infection can come back and then you gotta take more meds again for longer!!! Dr. Rod has warned you!!

So I had a wee bit of an infection and swelling in the old gut. boohoo. Dr said it was a seed or something like that that got stuck on its little journey through my insides. Boohoo for Mr. seed. Luckily I had my friend Chels and others cheering me on because I was feelin not so good, I was a bit of a baby...

BUT we did the shows in LA and they were great I thought. Firstly we debuted Doug Hovan (remember that name your going to hear it a lot from me) on the drums and he was fantastic! I thought he played smoothly and the tempos were spot on and I liked it so much that whatever sicky I was feeling, it went away during the 2 shows with Doug and the boys let me tell you! Wait until we hit the road and have some shows under our belt with Doug. It will be lethal....So there were plots and sub-plots on this last outing for us. I mentioned Doug which was great. Donnie my long time friend and roadie of the band performed with precision all weekend long for us! Donnie, let me tell you is a character of the highest order. He keeps me and Billy in stitches constantly. Billy clowns him all the time and it just kills me, so I egg Billy on and Donnie reacts and i just die LOL! Its been that way for years and years! lets see what else. Oh! Ray our good friend and publicist brought his entire family to the show!!!! and they were great!! I had 2 of the lovelies come up on stage and announce the band before we went on! i thought it was great, the kids yelled "here they are, Jetboy"! and then they scampered of the stage back to their seats! thanks kids!! oh and then the kids made us cookies!!! but not just any cookies but really good home-made cookies. We loved it, thanks you guys!!!!

Richard came down from Sac and between him, Chels and Ray we were covered. I am at peace knowing that their handling biz while we do the rockin. Oh! and let me not forget to tell you that Chels did the lights for us on the second show! i noticed them and thought she did great. Ok, so remember Chels, i love smoke and strobe lights!!! thanks you did great. We had no major issues at all. We got to do some eating and a bit of shopping on Melrose. You know with Melrose, sometimes you can find all kinds of cool things and other times, zippo. For me it was zippo. I can always find cool stuff here in SF on the Haight. I have tremendous luck on that street let me tell you. All the new stuff I'm wearing these days i found there!! But I'm always on the look out.

Ok, so now what were going to do is get Doug up to speed with all the songs in the set,then all of us will learn a bunch of older material that we feel have a lot of life in them. There are a lot of songs that have never been properly recorded and never played live. So we wanna learn a bunch of those over the next few months. And of course start now really working on all the new songs and riffs and ideas. there are alot so it should be quite interesting. All this starts this week. 1st 2 songs we will learn on monday are old ones..."Losing Streak" and I think "Locked in a Cage" there are at least 25 olds ones we are going to learn. and covers too. we should have a small staple of them so we can throw them in the set when we want to. But the most important right now are the new ones. I think thats everything.

Lastly, thanks to you all that came to the shows. It means a lot.

ok, so please take care and we'll do this again soon. Bye! F

"Yeah, I know."

Where to start. Ok, I discovered something about myself. What you may ask? Well I'll tell you. I LOVE LITTLE BRITAIN!!!! Wholly smokes is that show funny. Those guys have had me crackin up for the last 3 months non-stop!. Especially the Andy and Lou skits... "Yeah, I know" You know what Im talkin about?? Anyway, that and the start of hockey season has been keepin me busy. Hockey! not Hooky which i have been playing with you! So lets get down to business.

A lot has happened over the last month in particular. We have a NEW drummer! His name is ............ Doug Hovan and what a drummer indeed. I think he is so ideally suited for where we want to go with musically. Doug is an old bud from the early Jetboy days. He was and is a big fan of the music. Billy, Mick and myself have hung out with Doug at different times in the past. he is a sweet mellow guy who loves to play drums. And in particular is well versed with the drummers I grew up listening to. Lets see, theres Joey Kramer of Aerosmith. Bunny Carlos of Cheap Trick! Phil Rudd of AC/DC. I think you get the picture. Very steady and a no frills type drummer. A real workman like approach to the drums. I like that! Having someone new come in can really give a band a boost and sometimes changes are necessary. Jeff is a good guy and we had fun playing with him over the last year! We spent sometime think about and analyzing all that went on over the last and felt that we had to make this move. Stuff like this is never easy within any band when there is movement, but like I said we felt it was for the best. Jeff is a real good drummer and i believe will be in a cool band playing at a venue near you !!!

We also had to part ways from long time publicist and friend for over 20 years Cheryl Black. Again its one of those situations where change was needed. Never fun and never easy thats for sure. Cheryl is one of the most hardest working,dedicated, and a true lover of music that i have ever met! She has worked for many bands through the years and that alone says alot!!!! I and the boys wish her the best!!!!!

Taking her place is Chelsea Schwartz! who has this incredible passion for music!!! I don't even think that statement even does her justice,really! Chelsea is a real go getter and is relentless in her pursuit to get bands known and heard in this very fluid music industry. "Chels" has a great ear for great songs. Chels is plugged into and has a great working knowledge of the internet and its value for helping us and the other bands she works with! I'll keep you informed about these 2 titans of rock as time goes by. I cannot say enough about these 2 really.

So, these 2 changes have changed the climate within the band. I am very pumped and because of it I have been writing as much as i can. Its really hard to say at this point what the material is going sound like. Yes, Feel The Shake and Damned Nation are 2 records that are very dear to us and they will serve as a template for the new stuff. but really who knows. we haven't written together as band for quite a long time. And time has a funny way of tweaking things within a band. And when you add a couple of different members, well, it should be very interesting. I also wanna tell how important Richard (Peter Grant remember him?) Riis is. He adds this no nonsense fire and approach to getting JB known. Oh the stories there! ( I'll tell you about them when we do a book about the band) and last but not least Ray Miller as our media publicist!! What a great guy! And what passion for our band and music!!! ray has been writing all the latest press releases about the band. We love Ray and look forward to a lot of fun stuff with him and the new crew in 2009 and beyond!!!!

Well I hope this clears things up a bit for you. I am going back now to watching my Sharks kick butt now!

Take care and much love, Fernie Rod