Hiatus and Re-Organization

Sean and I have been taking some much needed down time off, to enjoy the desert heat and summer of Southern California, to ponder and mull over the state of rock n roll, and music, and finally to figure out what it means to us and to take a step back and breathe in what we believe to be the mission of Black Flame 13. We are in the midst of reorganizing the band as we discovered that some band members had some differences in ideas and vision and we are announcing we have officially parted ways with Eric and DG who have decided to pursue other musical and/or artistic ventures. We wish them all the luck and best wishes on their artistic journeys and creative endeavors.

Black Flame 13 will continue to bring you rock, metal music in the days to come. We are heading back to the studio this weekend to begin finishing up the final touches on an album yet unreleased! Please stay tuned and thanks so much for listening. Love you!! Motor Amour Wilson

Mixed Days of Death and Destruction...

I feel like I haven't had much to say on behalf of the band, so I haven't been writing. I took a brief hiatus in January for one month and made a pilgrimage back home to my Motherland: India. All the while Eric has been rocking out on the drums. But, the truth is we're making progress. Music is what we make and we've been doing it. Eric, Sean and myself have been in the rehearsal studio pretty much daily since I returned from India in late February. Dale Garner, did I already mention this?, already a good friend of the band since it's inception in 2007, with millions of ideas on the audio/visual level, as well as attempting to help us record the first time in 2008 with minimal money and equipment, but more recently he committed to being our official A/V engineer and Sampler man. So I am terribly sorry if I didn't officially mention it before, but yes, we'd like to officially introduce Dale "DG" Garner to Black Flame 13. He's the one who helped us stream all the songs on You Tube back in November, and he's connected to Matt Davis DJ, who continues to play us and plug us over there in Baltimore, Maryland and Washington DC area on 98.9 FM. The Indie Rock station there.

Other things are happening too. On the FAN front, we're working away to find and meet you guys to get our music out there. We've reached hundreds of fans in Europe and the US. I know it's a small amount, but geez, considering we're not playing out yet... it means a lot to us. Thanks for listening and supporting all of you. And on Twitter also, Sean has been introducing the band to new fans daily.

We're in the process of auditions too. Still looking. We may have found a bass player, but I don't want to speak too soon. We will see this week, and maybe in a few days I will have some good news for you. Then we need a lead guitarist.

We've got new pictures and a video on the way, so stay tuned, and I'll try to visit back and post something more regularly, I just don't want to bore you with band humdrum. Hah! Have a great week! Yours always and forever Motor Wilson, rhythm guitarist in Black Flame 13

2010.. The Dawn of a New Decade....

Happy New Year To all of our Pretty Precious Pimpin' Friends and Fans!

We feel fucking blessed already, as we look back on what a KICK ASS year 2009 was for BLACK FLAME 13. With the completion of our songs (currently available as singles on iTunes) of our Debut album Fornication Under Consent of the King and all the amazing people we had the good luck and fortune of meeting and/or working with this past year. Put simply, 2009 FUCKIN' ROCKED!

NOW, In 2010 we turn to look forward to completing the debut CD [on a complete and conceptual level that is, including the artistic visuals] and getting the actual hard copies out to the shelves of your local record stores and into your pretty little hands. (And, Yes, we still LOVE actual record stores that you can walk into and purchase music like in the good ole' days, as much as we love the convenience of downloading and streaming our music.) WE SIMPLY LOVE THE ART OF MUSIC, EVERYTHING THAT GOES ALONG WITH IT AND OF COURSE THE MUSIC ITSELF.

We're also excited to work with Producer Jonathon Merkel as we continue to make more music in 2010, and we're also very excited and proud to introduce Eric Stickney as the latest addition to the BLACK FLAME 13 family. Eric will be playing on the drums on this here next leg of our journey! Please welcome him aboard!



Motor Wilson, Rhythm Guitar, Black Flame 13


We Do What We Want because we're DIY, that is Do it Yourself, and we Do It Ourselves...Kinda like What Would Jesus Do? WWJD. We never wonder. We just follow the path set in front of us.

We're heading back into the studio this week, this time to work with Jonathon Merkel, licensing mogul. I know just when we thought we would be resting, sitting back and enjoying the sounds of our first album, "Fornication Under Consent of the King," lo and behold we realized that 1) We still wanted to re-mix some of the songs, that is add some creative elements and embellishments to the concept of the songs specifically for the CD and then re-Master the whole darn thing, before having the artwork completed and the entire CD pressed and available in stores. So, while you can still listen and buy all the songs individually on various digital download stores across the net, including Snocap, Amie Street, and eMusic and Xiie, and very soon on iTunes and download the songs along with the album cover there will still be more to come in terms of complete album concept and design. 2) And since we're going back into the studio we figure why not work on bringing out more songs, since we have them? So does this mean we're going back into the studio to begin recording our 2nd album? Well, Yes, perhaps it does. We're not releasing any official information about that yet, as we're still working things out ourselves, but the deal is that there will be more, many more songs in the very near future..We don't see why not. Because We Do What We Do and that is make music, and of course we're DIY so We Do What We Want.

We're still in the auditioning process, we really want to get out of the studio and onto the stage. Either way, we're staying busy with the art we create for you, our way!

Stay Hot!

Motor Black Flame 13

Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall

All you gotta do is call. After 7 months, and 3 seasons (spring, summer and fall) of labouring over our debut release "Fornication Under Consent of the King," we have finally finished production. As projected we were able to "go live" on Friday the 13th, November 13, 2009. We are now streaming our music on You Tube, on the BlackFlameThirteen Channel.

We also have all the songs available for pre-purchase and listening on Myspace.com, Reverbnation.com and iLike.com. Songs can be individually purchased on SNOCAP as of right now. It will be available on iTunes December 1 and on stores like Amazon and CDBaby.

We really want to thank our great friends who helped us on this record and the first leg of our journey. Of course our engineer and producer Alfonso Rodenas, Brad Burton who played lead guitar, and Corey McCormick on bass. We also want to thank DJ Solo for his fabulous Black Flame 13 logo and album cover art, DG aka Dale Garner for being our Audio/Video go to guy, and Jason Daze for being our web master general.

We're heading into winter and putting the band together with a live show so we can bring this music directly to your doorstep or local arena sized venue.

Thanks for stopping by and thanks for listening.

Motor Black Flame 13

Are You Ready to Rock?

I would also like to thank Maureen Monsalve, if I haven;t already.... amazing photographer from Chile who shot our recording session. The photos look amazing! Thanks! She will be shooting us up in the weeks to come.

Tomorrow we are heading back to Pan Studios to finish recording the drum tracks for another 12 songs, for a whopping 22 songs total for this first album. We might get selective though and save some for single releases down the road. We haven't made those decisions quite yet and we will cross those bridges when we get there.

Sean has been hard at work too. He is an engineer and producer himself and he's been hard at work this week at PLATINUM HOUSE RECORDS AND RECORDING STUDIOS in North Hollywood, laying the bass and guitar tracks himself for the first set of songs for us. It is coming together and like I said last week, we simply cannot wait to bring this music too YOU. ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? xoxo Motor

The Machine is almost complete....

We've been building her piece by piece, part by part, flesh, blood, sweat, and tears. Like any fine tuned mean machine she has to be dialed in correctly and all her parts have to be made to perfection because she is, after all, a custom made piece of art as well as a functional vehicle for us all to ride in.

She's built for comfort and speed, but she chooses how fast she needs or wants to go. She's no ordinary machine by any stretch of the imagination...but she will stretch your fucking imagination. Powerful, sleek, sexy, dangerous,,,she's our best friend and who would have it any other way.

Honest, straight up, up front, down as fuck, yet full of imagination!?! Hell yeah....she is. And so are we. And so are all of our friends now and in the future who know that being yourself is the way to be. We don't like poseurs, but their welcome too as long as their ready to make it real, but you don't last long if you can't be real....just ask Milli Vanilli.

Anyway, love is the law and we love to rock. We love life, freedom, and people from all walks and places in life. Real Rock n' Roll, just like any great music, does not discriminate.....it transforms and transcends. It's the pulse that races from the heart and touches your soul and sets it ablaze with love and desire...a lust for life if you will.

Rock n' Roll assists us to release the negative vibes we pick up along the way from the "nay sayers" and lames who speak from fear all day and have no faith in the power of love, and therefore have very little true strength. And those of you who may doubt the power of love need to ask yourselves "what allows for everything, including hate, and then still forgives?" Rock n" Roll is all about opportunities we might sometimes call "second chances".

We've had our share of chances, no doubt about it. I shoulda been dead so many times I can't even count and somehow I am still here and all these great things are happening because of the love I have earned. I didn't always deserve so much love I can assure you, at least I don't think so. But now I can't deny the miracles I have seen over and over and over....it's time to do the damn thing I was fucking born to do and no matter how many black cats crossed my path I never ran outta luck. I've seen the demons and the angels and walked side by side with them all and they all taught me the lessons I needed to make it to this point.

So here we are, unknown, up and coming. So far we have manifested every piece of this machine with integrity and hard work. We have a Grammy winning producer and so many other great people and situations in line to assist us to reach our highest destiny, and when she is done we can guarantee you one thing for sure....she's gonna be, without a doubt, a Bad Mother Motor.....

Respect All, Sean Harrison

Recording: Day TWO Hangin with Alfonso

Motor here again. Today was a chill day hanging with Alfonso (our engineer/producer) We feel very blessed to have Alfonso on our team. We want this album to sound great, so that you can dance and move and shake and grove. We want these songs to sound great, FOR YOU. The thought of it is paining me. IT IS SIMPLY PAINING ME.

Reocrding: Day ONE at PAN III Studios in Studio City

Motor Wilson here. Sunday evening. We woke up bright and early yesterday, Saturday April 4th, to head into PAN Studios.

We arrived to the studio at 10AM, after coffee and croissant at PAN III Studios which are located in the hills above Studio City, with views overlooking the San Fernando Valley, with top notch equipment, and a top notch engineer and producer met us there. Grammy winner Alfonso Rodenas made the day go by smoothly with his open mindedness, relaxed nature, passion for what he does and best of all love for our music.

We layed the drum tracks down for 10 songs. Sean played the drums, while I played "dummy" guitar tracks. We will be laying guitar, bass and vocal tracks in the weeks to come. The sound is great. The vibe is coming along. Thanks Alfonso.

Chilean photographer Maureen Monsalve met us there as well, with her assistant Jorge. So we are documenting it visually as well, with their help. Stay tuned for the photos.

We're heading back to PAN on Saturday April 11th, to finish drums, for this album.


Hey Folks, Motor Wilson here. It's Friday afternoon, and we just got the news that our dates to record at Pan Three Studios (located here in the San Fernando Valley of Los Angeles CA) have officially been confirmed. We are slated to head into the Studio on April 4, 2009. We are so ecstatic to finally start laying down the drum tracks for our upcoming album, : Fornication Under Consent of the King, that we may just combust. We will be keeping daily blogs and keeping you posted of our progress, with visual imagery too. I've never been there, but from what I have heard these studios are NICE. More to come......

Rock On Friends!

Motor and Sean