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Colossus - Pearl Handled Revolver Album Review by Mat Radbourne

Colossus - Pearl Handled Revolver Album Review

Pearl Handled Revolv

Album Review

'Colossus' is a brave name for an album title, but my word, it's the right title. This is impressive.

Bedford, downtown Milton Keynes, is the home of this hard-hitting blues-rock five piece. Complete with rough smoking growling vocals, real gravelly, and high-octane harmonica playing in the most traditional Dr Feelgood way. It is the blues, as it should be played.

The Hammond organ and harmonica on 'Women Made a Man Out of Me' - even the track names have a real proper blues feel about them - is real old school, just like the records my Dad used to crackle out when he was decorating each summer school holiday, well when my mother was out!

I really like the contrast in lead singer Lee Vernon's voice and technique which is so well displayed in the track 'Resonate'. It could have been sung by Joe Strummer and The Mescaleros, it is stunning. 'She Can Dance' also lowers a level or two. He has a distinctive, powerful and mellow voice on the flip side, and a real old time American bluesman on other parts of the album.

'Stop Me Dead' gets the full back of the throat treatment and again highlights the band for what they are. I'm also hearing an almost Eric Clapton, Cream influence in a number of songs, particularly 'Stop Me Dead', it's a really interesting and exciting debut. 'White Lines' is a track to turn up and raise a glass to.

I gather these guys have been making a lot of movements in the local area and played a number of local festivals and gigs. They surly have a big future. The rock and roll feel to the front sleeve of the album, facial hair, floral shirts and military coats finish it off for me. I'm genuinely looking forward to getting to see these guys soon.

Good work, Colossus indeed.

Mat Radbourne


PHR played tracks from their new album Colossus on Sue Merchant's show on the BBC. The band also played " Stop Me Dead" live !

Pearl Handled Revolver's New Album" Colossus"

Pearl Handled Revolver Colossus Currently taking the world by storm, London based blues rock five piece “Pearl Handled Revolver” successfully capture their powerful live sound in the studio to bring you their debut album ‘Colossus’. Pearl Handled Revolver ‘s musical influences are so diverse that the sounds created when they come together are truly unique. Overdriven organ, supercharged guitars and a super-tight rhythm section power the vocals and blues harp into dirt territory. As musicians they excel, as writers they push the very boundaries of blues rock, with astonishing results. Pearl Handled Revolver is the band to watch out for in 2012. “Pearl Handled Revolver” is widely known across the UK and in Europe for their explosive live performances and lyrical song styling. Wherever the band has played, they’ve left the audiences with a sense of fulfillment rarely seen or offered by any of today’s entertainers.

"Dirty Blues, hay bales and ale!"

Pearl Handled Revolver – “Dirty blues, hay bales and ale!”

In the end I guess it comes down to personal choice. You can either enjoy dirty blues and fine ale or fine blues and dirty ale. For those who would choose the former option, the only place to be on Saturday was The Swan Hotel in Bedford . For a few coins of the realm it was not only possible to enjoy a selection from over thirty real beers but also to listen to over two hours of Bedford ’s favourite band …… the one and only Pearl Handled Revolver.

Right from the outset it was clear that the night was going to be something rather special as Lee grabbed the microphone and the band swung into gear. For the next hour the band played amazing, often extended, versions of songs which were known and loved together with a sizeable helping of material which may or may not make the forthcoming album. Whilst the front rows were clearly occupied by those who were familiar with the band – in many senses of the phrase – and of their music, it was equally clear that further back down the room new fans were rapidly being won over in what by then had become a very sizeable audience. With amazingly clear sound quality, courtesy of the lovely Emily, the first set came to a storming conclusion and left the room demanding a swift return to the stage.

If there was any doubt the momentum could be maintained, as the band launched into their second set of the evening, it was dispelled as quickly as the froth on a pint of best bitter. The band had the audience’s full attention and it was difficult to decide who was enjoying the experience the most. As they rocked and growled through material both old and brand new, time itself seemed to stand still until the spell was shattered by the announcement that ‘this is our last song tonight’. Of course it wasn’t – this audience was never going to let the band get away so lightly – but after a blistering encore all great things had to come to an end. November 5th is traditionally celebrated by fireworks – and that is certainly what Pearl Handled Revolver delivered . Roll on Christmas!

Review Courtesy of Dave Longman. Re; The Swan Hotel “Beer Festival”, Bedford, 5th November 2011.

Pearl Handled Revolver “…On Fire!” The Rhythm Festival – 2011.Part 2

Then came the moment I shall remember forever… a stunt plane “barrel rolled” vertically up the curve of the bank to our left, bringing with it a never ending stream of new ears….. as if they had been hidden in his vapour trail! Just in time for them to witness, possibly our best performance of “The Robin’s Garden” to date. We were “really on fire” as one onlooker kindly noted…but it has to be said that with such an amazing audience the live “buzz” was massively amplified for us all. It’s this very buzz that a live performance is fuelled by… so it felt like we were on nitro by the time we hit them with “Peace By Piece”, there response was to dance…. magnificent!

With no fewer than two encores we all left that stage feeling a little blessed, knowing that everyone stood there had loved the show just made the whole day perfect. You all took the time to tell us too, which meant a great deal to us all. It was lovely chatting to so many of you after the show, true to say we’ve made some new friends … ones we hope to see at some upcoming shows soon.

For now, thank you.

Remember to join us on our Facebook Band Page ….. listen, watch, chat and keep updated on our constantly growing gig list. We need your “Buzz”! ;)


http://www.pearlhandledrevolver.co.uk http://www.blueroommanagement.com http://www.kingmojorecords.com

Pearl Handled Revolver “…On Fire!” The Rhythm Festival – 2011.Part 1

Pearl Handled Revolver “…On Fire!” The Rhythm Festival – 2011. Old Warden Park.

What can you say about a line up of this magnitude? Imelda May,Toots and The Maytals, Steve Cropper with The Animals, The Pretty Things, The Blockheads, Oli Brown….the list goes on!

Arriving just as Oli Brown began his set on the Le Mesurier Stage, we took up position deep in the heart of the crowd. The sound was awesome, so was the band. But the next offering came from “Sherman Robertson and the Blues Move”, who were truly the find of the day for me. A real Blues man at the peak of his talent and totally at home with it who kept the audience steadfast while the heavens opened one last time. So many thanks for that Sherman, and glad you’ve been hearing “good things” about us to! Judging by the smile on your face you heard “good things” from the stage aswell! Really pleased you stayed on to catch our set, and happy to say you weren’t alone….

Despite the fact that The Blockheads were still playing on the main stage, a big crowd had already formed to see us. As we took to the stage the sun burst out, as if on queue, right on the intro to “Never Liked You Anyway”. What an opening! By the third number the crowd had swelled to an enthusiastic throng, easing closer to the stage as the numbers behind them grew. The combination of hearing Sherman (stage right) whooping in appreciation and the knowledge that our set was really pulling them in just set me free…. as we roared into “Walk On By” I turned to the guys and saw that I wasn’t alone there!

Pearl Handled Revolver – Live @ Esquires - Part2

Inspired!! On walked one of the best three piece blues rock bands I’ve ever seen live, dressed in monks robes with silver face masks….It doesn’t get anymore psychedelic than that people….I hit the lights…Bam! They were off! The shock of not being able to register any expression on the musicians faces wore off the moment the lead guitarist hit the strings. Robin Trower met Hendrix in an effortless, driving tone. Most people seemed quite excited, speculating on who this guy was, insisting they had “worked it all out” in some cases. “You remember, played with Clapton, just after Mayall” …and so on. It was electric… a superb performance. Just what we needed to raise our game, as we were about to find out.

By now the crowd knew that tonight had been a really special night for music at Esquires. For us it was a night that we were honoured to be a part of. So, I think, it was almost easy for us to give the performance of our lives…and we loved every minute of it. The crowd were so receptive to all that we threw at them. It had been a while, but it was like they missed the songs…or maybe we missed them! Whatever it was it worked …

“25 Below” got them a little wild…. “I Never Liked You Anyway” had them singing and shouting. By the time we dirtied it up with “Peace By Piece” we were all on fire. Hard to really say about your own performance as a band, because you live it as opposed to watching it, so I go on two things…. the buzz from people after the show and the buzz I feel in side when I just know that, if it felt that good, it was that good…. and that’s just what we got from the audience too. If you were there on Saturday and feel like telling us how it was for you, we’d love to know!

I want to take this opportunity to thank firstly, the awesome audience who graced us with their presence on Saturday night. Secondly, Emily Curtin, who single handedly rocked Esquires to the bone with her stunning work on the desk, you made us all sound the way we should! Lastly our “supports” for the evening…. To both the Monks and The Smugglers… We salute you!

Catch Pearl Handled Revolver Live ;

Sat Aug 27th Bythams Music Festival –Willoughby Arms, Bythams, Lincolnshire. Sun Aug 28th The Rhythm Festival –Old Warden, Beds. Sat Sept 3rd Summer Fayre Festival – Priory Park, Bedford. Sat Sept 10th Summer Fayre Festival –Oxford Town Centre. Sat Oct 15th The 100 Club – Headline (Support from The Silver Brazilians and Pussy Cat and The Dirty Johnsons.)

Visit ;

www.pearlhandledrevolver.co.uk www.reverbnation.com/pearlhandledrevolver www.kingmojo.com www.blueroommanagement.com

Pearl Handled Revolver – Live @ Esquires - Part1

Pearl Handled Revolver – Return to Esquires. Saturday 20th August 2011. With Special Guests; The CC Smugglers and The Psychedelic Monks in the Church of Doom.

After our wonderful “up close and personal” gig at The Old Sun in Harlington on Friday night, the whole band were fired up and raring to go. Tonight was our “home coming” gig following a truly mind blowing 6 months of festivals and high profile billings, both in Europe and the UK …back to land our feet on one of our favourite stages, the Main Stage at Esquires. By 5pm sound check was well underway, which left me time to arrange a few “special features” for the evening. Having inched my way up the small staircase with arms full of lights and assorted paraphernalia, I scurried around Esquires forgotten vault arranging various psychedelic projectors. With “The Psychedelic Monks in the Church of Doom”, pre-costume, now basking in the glory of a veritable “fractal mindwarp” during their sound check, I knew my work was done….

….So, picture the scene… Double bass, Ukulele, Banjo, Slide…..you name it (bluegrass/folk!?!) and these boys played it beautifully. The CC Smugglers, a band who first caught our eye at The Luton Carnival, launched into their set with the heart of a lion and the soul of a poet. Sound too saccharin? Well, it’s the only brief way that I can describe their performance….lyrically they forged a new link from traditional accents and structures, to more current and relevant themes. Add to that the sheer force of it’s delivery ….with it’s beautifully placed (yet well rehearsed) randomness, powered by some stunning harmonies, oh, and drummers doubling up on Ukulele….and you have one hell of a “shin-dig”!

….Obviously I hadn’t started the psychedelic extravaganza off just yet….Smugglers and psychedelic light shows wouldn’t really mix….just as well that we happened to have some Psychedelic Monks up next….

Now I know the name is a strange one. The idea behind this strange name lies in the ever distorted mind of our drummer. Chris found himself posed with a question…. “If a band wanted to play a gig masquerading as someone else, in order to try out some new material, what name would you give them?”

Pearl Handled Revolver – "Electrifying…" MK Summer Fayre Festival 2011.Part2

As the enormous pa system smothered the bated crowd with the swirling organ intro to "Never Liked You Anyway" our smiles said it all. It was most definitely the best sound we had ever experienced on a stage to date. For us as performers, this alone brings out the very best in you. It gives you the space and confidence to go that one step further. I found my vocal range extended and honed, the syncopation between band members becoming a hightened "6th sense" and our energy was boundless… The result was the best show we've ever performed. The new album "Colossus" has been our main focus for some time, particularly how to successful transfer the strength of the recordings into our live performances. So naturally the set contained as many of these new tracks as we could squeeze in. "Stone Thrower" was the first to enter the ring, and it rocked the place. Huge, driving and impossible to resist dancing to, it really brought the crowd right in. Now they were tight to the barrier and I could make out their smiling faces through the stage lights for the first time. "She Can Dance" up next, then "Woman" each one sounding more intense and tight than we could have imagined possible. After this string of anthems our old favourite "Peace By Piece" sat perfectly in the set, leading sweetly into our reworked version of "Maybe In Time". For once, my Harp sound was just what the doctor ordered….dirty, angry and strong. I was able to take full advantage of Emily's assistance on the desk, and roared my way through the Harp solo…and it felt GOOD! Now, picture this, a beautiful, warm, clear night….the full quoter of stars visible in the night sky….and a huge crowd are hushed by the haunting sound of Oli's acoustic intro to "Rainbow". It was a breathtaking rendition and the crowds silence (normally a worrying thing) gently rose to a murmur, then a few cries, then the early crackle of applause burst into full blown cheers of appreciation as that last strum echoed away. Now they were ready for "Colossus", the title track….the behemoth. As Chris pounded the floor tom into the ground I watched. From 16 to 60 they were spell bound, as indeed was I, leaving the intro to roll an extra four bars just so I could take it all in. What a way to end such a fantastic night. But it didn't end there…Although we had run out of encore time (due to Council License limitations), these guys wouldn't let us go. New fans washed up against the barrier demanding CD's, Box Sets in many cases and all requiring our signatures! It was truly overwhelming, the love, support and appreciation we received that night. We were told afterwards that the sound in the arena had also been superb, and that we were different in some way. As if we had reached a whole new level as performers. Something I think we all felt to be true as we walked off that stage to cries of "More! More! Encore!" This is why I felt compelled to write this. That drip of adrenalin, that charge you feel running through your veins when you experience such a night, is something that sadly many of us will never get to feel. I am very grateful to the good people of MK, to the sound guys and stage hands and to my closest friends and fellow musicians for making it happen for me.

For a repeat performance at the second Summer Fayre Festival, come along to Priory Park, Bedford on Saturday September 3rd 2011. A stunning line up including Pearl Handled Revolver, for FREE! Visit; http://www.summer-fest.co.uk for more details. Other dates for the PHR Calendar include; 20th Aug – Esquires, Bedford./ August 28th- The Rhythm Festival, Shuttleworth/ 10th Sept – Summer Fayre, Oxford/ Oct 15th – The 100 Club, London (headline)