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fairbridge folk festival

Just had a great weekend at fairbridge folk festival a feast of msuic and like minded souls caught up with so many people and friends and musos from near and far.... heard some great music sang and played til late into the night drank lots of red wine and ate yummy turkish food!!! thanks to everyone who came to my gigs and the songwriting workshop thanks to the people who made a point of coming up to me after gigs to tell me when a song had just hit their heart....i love that......its that amazing mysterious thing that happens with music...that universal language...how we can be reminded that the world is actually alot smaller than we are sometimes led to believe ...and that as people we actually have alot more to draw us together in community rather than divide us....the global village is alive and well and i love living in it........... peace love and music rosie ps...the album is still under construction hopefully finshed by october will keep you posted