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New Song

Hey Reverbnation! Thanks for all the support!! I haven't posted or been on in awhile, but I appreciate the new fans and my song being played. I should be recording next week so stay tuned for some new music (: Share and like me on Facebook, follow me on instagram, youtube, and twitter


Oh my gosh!! I'm so excited to be #1 on the charts for Rock in Moore! Thanks to all my fans for supporting and liking my music! Stay tuned for upcoming gigs and performances!! I'm definitely participating in a Christmas Benefit for T3 Talent on December 19th! I'll have the show time and venue posted asap! Thanks so much again!! Share with your friends!!

First Blog!

Hey Reverbnation! This is my first blog on here and I just wanted to let you know what's going on for me musically right now! Well Friday I opened up for CAA artist Molly Hunt with my Young Artist group! Really exciting!! This weekend I'm performing at a benefit in Union, SC so that's pretty awesome! Anyways thanks for becoming a fan and stay tuned for more information about gigs and other things going on!!