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New Video!!

First video I've ever made. I haven't been in the game for very long at all so of course I started off small. Can't wait to shoot a full length. Keep ya eyes open. Peace.

Blowin Up and Didn't Mean To...

So, somehow, after a very short period on ReverbNation, I've reached the number 8 ranking on the Hip Hop Charts for my city, Midland, TX. I don't know how it's happened but to who or whatever is making it possible, I thank you. Of course, when I first started recording Hip Hop I was very insecure about because I don't come from a Hip Hop backgroung at all. When I first started doing music I started with metal. And just not any radio metal or anything. I mean the brutal stuff. Blast beats. Flying double bass. You know, the "devil music" haha. After hearing a Paul Wall song one day, it just struck my ear right and from then on I've been pursuing a more laid back, calm approach to music. I do the bangers occasionally but I think that old school 90's style hip hop is where it's at. Like Biggie says, "Hip Hop and Rap is where my heart is at." Don't get me wrong though. I can still shred with the best of em but this spittin is gettin addictin. Well, that's gonna be it for now. Just wanted to say thank you to whoever is making my ascension in the ranks possible. #1 here I come!!! Peace. -Young Q