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New EP soon to be finished..

This week I'm wrapping up the final tracks on a 4 song EP which will be my first studio recordings.. outside of my home setup. It's an exciting time for me, as it's been 3 years since I wrote my first song and finally I'll get to put them into a quality and polished format. In that period I've written quite a few songs and have created a 5 EP concept, and when finished will make up my first full length album. I'll talk more about this soon, until then I'll be releasing covers on my Soundcloud page which will all be free for download. The Cave is in full swing..


The First of Many

It is with great pleasure I announce and simultaneously commence a rather amateur blog, a random babble of thoughts that will drift amongst the translucent yet highly lucrative Orwellian fairy dust we call the internet.

This zippity zoop will serve as a way for me to announce any upcoming events, to upload some music, videos, and photos... and to throw in some thoughts and perspective on my current projects, including my first EP that I'm excited to say is newly underway!

So check in and don't be shy to send me a message if you have cool new music to share, any requests for downloadable mp3's, if you're a lonely cat person with nothing to do, or if you'd like me to play a show near you...

Marc Emery for Prime Minister,