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~ Rick Frost ~

Since Rick Frost has left Reverbnation, I have received many emails, asking about him. Most often questions of "Will he be coming back?" . Endearing comments such as "I miss him so much", "I love his music." , "Rick helped me, and so many other artists." I will add here, that Rick not only helped me with my music endeavours, he became a great friend. I have never had a friend as loyal - who asks for nothing in return. Recently I uploaded three Music Video's I created along with Ricks Music. Rick never asked me to make these video's, I did them on my own accord, because of his amazing talent. By posting these video's, I am giving back to all the people Rick has helped. For you to enjoy one of your favourite artists, your friend, an amazing person. A man who has loved well, and is loved by many~ Nip

Eugene Jacquescoley
Eugene Jacquescoley  (12 months ago)

Mr. Frost is an incredible musician and songwriter. I'm very glad that I have an opportunity to consult with him on some projects. He's an excellent mentor. We do miss him. Cheers. J