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One More Song

til we've got 'em all written for the album. Now for some financing.... . Una de las canciones más hasta que tenemos a verlas escritas para el álbum. Ahora un poco de financiación ....


Passing out flyers downtown with Umber for our joint show on May 18th was fun. Talkin' shit, couple of beers and duct taping flyers to light posts. Good times.

Repartiendo volantes en el centro con Umber para nuestro concierto el 18 de mayo fue muy divertido. Hablar mierda, un par de cervezas y ducttaping volantes a los postes de luz. Buenos tiempos.

This Summer

is gonna rule. Looking at a lotta dates thanks to the combination of our new manager and Umber. Shout out to Pyridial cause they seem to have taken a liking to us, too :D

Este verano va a la regla. En cuanto a las fechas lotta gracias a la combinación de nuestro nuevo gerente y Umber. Preguntad por Pyridial porque parece que han tomado el gusto a nosotros, también: D

Czar Bar Next Month

Umber hooked us up with a show at Czar Bar with them and Pyridial on May 13th. Quality, man.

Black & Gold 4/17

Lots o fun at Black & Gold Tavern as we saw our buddy band Umber live for the first time. Fuckin rain was a pain but we pushed through. Had a particularly rude band play then split instead of supporting us as we did them. Eh, whaddaya gonna do? Press forward, that's what

Psyched For Tonight

A few bands were added to the bill last week so it should be a good night.Got our "buddy band" Umber, of course. Vanlade's coming to play with us and they brought some friends from Iowa, Dark Mirror and Ancient Elm. Trying to break the walls of that tiny place

Stoked About Shows

We're excited cause we've got a couple of shows coming up, details of which haven't been finalized: Czar Bar 5/13 Columbia, MO 6/13 Davey's Uptown 6/28 Aaaand A probably in Topeka early June :D

April 9th at Riot Room

Great night! It was a Tuesday AND rainy in Kansas City but they came anyway. Severed Path was a pack of great sports as they ripped through their songs while most the crowd had yet to gather. Pyridial, an excellent, mostly instrumental, band received a warm welcome as they played with expert skill and overt coolness Then the wicked Wiccan took the stage. Naturally, I'm biased but we received quite a bit of encouraging comments after the set. We even made a little bit of money! Like they say, if we reached just one fan then it was all worth it

Practice Day

Once a week the Wicken knuckleheads converge on HQ to reconnect and continue drilling the songs into our heads. Never rest. Got that show coming up in two days and it has to be just right.