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No More Donuts

Well its that time of year...time to shed the donuts...from around my gut haha What, you may ask, does this have to do with your music, Hank? Well...when i am lonely and pining for some Krispy Kreme, I get sad and emotional and write some really killer breakup songs. So be on the lookout. Just sayin... That is all for now.

Goodbye Winter

Despite the fact that I truly HATE the dreary gray days of wintertime, I must admit that being holed up in a frigid fog can really turn on the song faucet... Something about laying in a warm bed with the guitar on top of me just playing out all of the frustrations and ponderings and imaginings in my head that helps me feel better.

Holidays 2013: Time Off...

My family is really important to me so I am taking some time off from late Nov until early January to spend time with them. I have a few shows booked around my hometown and those are great fun, seeing old friends and whatnot. I also plan to get a little time away to my magic place and demo a whole LOT of new songs. Thinking follow up albums for myself AND for Belle Vici. Also working on a faith based gospel musical project that is very important to me and the Twins. Hope to make some headway with all of that while eating some good country cooking and celebrating Thanksgiving and Christmas with all my enormous family :))) Have lots of big touring plans starting in January/February of next year, so I need to pack on some sleep and energy (fat) to get me thru the lean times! Haha

Solo Shows

When asked about performing as a solo artist, Hank said "I tracked the album with a band and lots of guitars because thats how my music sounds in my head. I love playing these songs with a band for that reason. However, the thing that is cool about playing solo shows is that I get to break these songs down to their very core. The lyrics don't get lost in the volume. The true essence of the sparse guitar parts that the song was built on are uncovered. It leaves me room to express that song however I feel like on any given night, and rarely is it ever the same way twice. Its kinda like the audience gets to hear the song "undressed". Y'know?!"

Going World Wide!!!

Just had a message on FB from a music retailer in SPAIN!?! He has a little record store in Madrid, he says, and asks me to ship him some copies to sell- said he streamed my whole album all day today (on Spotify?) and he loves it... How flippin' cool is that??? I wanna play a gig in SPAIN!?!! But first I wanna play my gig in Roswell, GA on Saturday night... Got lots of friends coming that I have not seen in quite some time. Gonna be awesome to see them and feel the love. I got good people in my world. Good people, I tell you! So yes, we DID go digital last Wednesday May 1st. Hank Barbee. Belle Vici (my band with my NC girls). And that also means that our itty-bitty-little-slow-growin'-brain-child-of-an- independent-record-label that we call Eleven O'Clock Records, well...... IT LIVES!!!!!! Look for the album release from our 3rd act "The Kitchen Singers" this summer! Yay!!! Yes, I am excited! And I am incredibly driven and overly ambitious. However, with the talent and music making capabilities of the people that I come face to face with each day, its quite easy to be inspired to work for music and for good in the world. I am blessed and lucky. Every minute. Every day.

Valerie Jarman
Valerie Jarman  (almost 5 years ago)

You ROCK HB!!! Much love to you and everything you do!!

Release Date for Digital Download May 1st

Eleven O'Clock Records announced that my album will go live for sale via CD Baby, iTunes, Amazon and their many partnered affiliates on May 1st, 2013. Sweet..... :) Stay tuned at hankbarbee.com

Album release

Hey kids! Working hard and getting closer to releasing my debut, uh, ...album?..... record?.... uh, CD?....... AAAAAAAHHH....DOWNLOAD!?!!! Keep you posted. Blessed and lucky as always. ttyl HB