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Upcoming Schedule for Snarky Dave & The Prickly Bluesmen.....

August 25th: Internet/Radio broadcast - Local Produce Radio Show from 93.5ZBH. Chattin' with way cool DJ, Captain Blue, listenin' to some tunes from recent CD "Big Snark" and then, some acoustic "NEW" tunes to preview. Gonna be a cool show from the beach.

September 8th: A Show of Love: Mid-West Tornado Victims Call to Action Local musicians have come together to donate their time and energy for an outside musical event to help. Bands that are scheduled to play are Best Kept Secret, Remedy, Snarky Dave & The Prickly Bluesmen, Too Tall Slim & the Guilty Pleasures, Jeff & Jimmi, Bill & Tine, RocBox, Frankie & The AllStars, and more to be named later! Please contribute any way you can! Tickets are $20.00 and can be bought 2 at time.Elks Lodge is located at 1307 Caruthers Lane, Wilmington, DE. The building sits behind the Wilmington Skating Rink and Rock Manor Golf Course.