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House of Blues

Hi Guys!

So folks are tweeting that our House of Blues show is at 8pm- that's a glitch- we are actually on at 10:30pm. Someone else on reverbnation is on at 8 and for some reason reverbnation bundled our show with their show. Sorry for any confusion! We are in the Foundation Room at House of Blues Hollywood at 10:30pm! Hope to see you there!


Gift for our fellow music lovers....

Hi Guys! Today, we're giving away HOUSE OF CARDS. You have our full permission to play, post, and share with your friends- in fact, we'll be sad if you don't!


Eyes and Ears.....

Hi Guys!

We are expanding faster than we can keep up! And since this appears to be mostly an artist forum- we are putting it out there:

We are seeking a keyboard player, a female backup vocalist, and a rhythm guitarist who can cover punk and pick as well. If anyone is interested or knows of any uber talented, committed, and sweet beings in LA- pass the word along!

We are moving fast- we want to take the best with us!


Leopi- now for sale!

Good morning, Lovies! LEOPI is now available for download on itunes and amazon! Have a great one! xoxo-VDR https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/leopi-single/id646471993


NASA just discovered a galaxy, dubbed Leo P, at the same we birthed our new track, Leopi.How's that for cosmic magic! http://www.vanderocker.com/#!music/ck0q

Free download!

Next week we are giving away free downloads for I KNOW WHO YOU ARE. Woohoooo!!!

Thank you!

Amazing show last night!!! Thanks, all you lovies, for coming out and sharing the night with us! xxx-VDR


Hi Lovies! Friendly reminder, Vanderocker is playing tonight at O'Brien's on Main Street tonight with Duo del Sol and the Van Nuys Corporation Band! Show starts at 9. Bring your boogie shoes! We might even make you sing with us- hee hee. It's gonna be a fun night- hope to see your shining faces there! ♥ ♥ ♥ Vanderocker http://www.vanderocker.com/#!emotional/c1t44

Featured Artist

Hi Friends! Duo del Sol is our current featured artist. Come take a look! They are also opening for us on Tuesday. If you live in Los Angeles you don't want to miss it! xoxo- VDR http://www.vanderocker.com/#!fun/cyvr


Hi Guys! We created a "Fun Page" on our site where we uploaded random videos that we thought were funny or special on some level. It goes great with coffee or tea! Don't forget to check out our show schedule while you're there! Love to all! http://www.vanderocker.com/#!fun/cyvr