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You Don't Give a Damn About Me

You say you care then show me love not just sex but the kind from above I love white folks as individual human beings But I deeply resent their legacy as a race It’s difficult to ignore oppression & maintain a smile upon my face You say we complain too much You say abuse is all in our heads You live in the State of Denial Yet call yourself my friend You believe that everything is just as it should be But your apathy proves that you don’t really give a damn about me You pretend to be concerned You pretend everything is fair You pretend you’re not a racist You tell yourself you care But its obvious to a blind man that when push really comes to shove you’ll support the statusquo to protect what you REALLY Love.... MONEY. See? Like I said... You don’t REALLY give a damn about me. You say its just tradition But in your heart you cherish the legacy that put your kind in charge and dark folks on their knees Secretly you believe your kind was born to rule. That’s why there’ll be no reparations for slavery. Meanwhile you smile in my face & treat me like a fool But its ok ‘cause I already know that in reality Your face is false & we both know that you don’t give a damn about me. But one day you are going to need me When trouble brings you to my door you’ll need my voice to vouche for you when adding up your score Despite all the times you looked away when you could have helped Despite all the pain you’ve caused me while lying to yourself I’ll forgive & try to help you but I must truthfully report... when both of us must answer to a higher court... When I was hungry did you feed me? When I was homeless did you care? When they unjustly locked me up your apathy put me there Your legacy makes it clear to see You didn’t give a damn about me. You say you care then show me love Not just sex but the kind from above © 12/09/14 “If you deny me here on Earth... I’ll deny you to my Father in Heaven.”