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Be Apart of something revolutionary

"Be apart of history for next album that I produce" https://t.co/1nVohbknPv via @tilt

We The Best artist, Nino Brown new album, Albert Einstein

Hi Ladies and Gents. I was fortunate to produce and album for We The Best Music group Artist , Nino Brown .The name of the new titled album is called , "Albert Einstein". Check out the new album that is making waves in United States and soon in Europe and all of Germany here at https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/albert-einstein/id924016527

Purchase the Compilation album today for a special price

Yoooo! Ladies and Gentleman. Pick up the 18 Track ,Smooth soul Chill Compilation album , Transformation from Angel to human to Angel for a special price of $1.99. Don't pass up this Labor day special to enjoy a smooth relaxing experience. Purchase your copy today and join the movement at www.joyeternalmusic.com