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TTB Site Rebuild!

thetracyboys.com has just been rebuilt again and our art section updated! You can also download music and wallpaper for desktop and mobile!

Have you got TMail?

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Platform 2 on the Bakerloo

We've just uploaded the Marylebone video with the Bakerloo Remix to all our channels! Watch on our site, Facebook, You Tube and ReverbNation.

Intellipop and Earl Grey Tea

All true rock gods have their colourful peccadilloes, from Columbian Gold to a bit of Brown Sugar. The Tracy Boys are of a different hue again - we have Earl Grey Tea which is present at every TTB writing and recording session.

The true Earl Grey was Charles Grey, a Whig Prime Minister (the Whigs were predecessors of the Liberal Party) from 1830 to 1834. He brought in political reform and, during his administration, slavery was abolished in the British Empire - so all in all, what we English would call 'a good egg'. Whether he actually drank tea is unknown - and whether he would have boogied on down to our new Intellipop remixes is debatable.

Lingliziya  (over 3 years ago)

There is a statue of Charles Grey that I saw quite a lot of during my uni days. Did you know there is also a Lady Grey tea?

GlastonBREE not GlastonBERRY

We'd just like to inform all our excellent American friends that the way we pronounce Glastonbury is with a short BREE on the end - like the French cheese, or the location of Barliman Butterbur's hostlery. The same applies to CanterBREE and BanBREE. Just so you know.

Day #7 on Reverb

Blowing the English drizzle away with Electro from Nagasaki, folk from Missouri, and weirdness from loads of other places. Jon's working on two new grooves, and Mik has just rhymed 'fisherman' with 'militiaman'. We'll park that one for now.

Pat  (over 3 years ago)

fisherman and militia man? Well 10 out of 10 for neat rhyming, but my imagination in now in overdrive trying to imagine possible narrative connections between those two! :-)

Lingliziya  (over 3 years ago)

My congratulations to Mik on that excellent feat of wordsmithing.

RN is actually quite smart isn't it

OK we've been active on ReverbNation for just a week now. And what we like most is the fact that in order to make it work, it really forces you to think proactively about promoting your music. Because you've got these whopping great metrics always in your face telling you how well you're doing - or not. Since thinking about those kind of things doesn't come naturally to a lot of musicians, a tool for checking and improving these metrics is a gift. We feel challenged, in a good way. But how does it work best for you?


You made it! Check out the official TTB Reverbnation Channel! Leave a message! Have a cup of Earl Grey! TTBs x :)

Pat  (over 3 years ago)

Loving the Marylebone remix and looking forward to hearing what Jon's done with my two particular faves - Gregory Peck and Padawan-in due course

New Marylebone Arrives!

Reverbers! Be amongst the first to hear the gorgeous new BAKERLOO MIX of Marylebone - at the top of our player! Mind the Gap...


Ready are you? Very soon the audio will appear. Patience you must have until download it you can.