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Wist je dat over Ono Sendai ?

... Reinhart leidt aan een ziekte genaamd ‘massief parallelle hyperactieve schizofrenie’ ... dat dit inhoudt dat hij een stuk of 20 persoonlijkheden heeft? ... wat leidt tot de geschifte combinaties van muziekstijlen in Ono Sendai? ... dat de enige manier om hem stil te krijgen het voeren van veel rum cola’s is? ... wat de meest populaire drank in Cuba is ? ... en die je kan horen in de intro van Lies, als een speech van Che Guevare voor de UN ? ... alwaar Che Guevara de strijd aanbondt tegen het consumer kapitalisme? ... waar de song Closed Corner over gaat?

Wist je dat over Ono Sendai ?

In wist je dat wordt in de volgende weken op ludieke wijze een band member van Ono Sendai voorgesteld, en de link naar een lid van de groep. Enjoy ! Wist je dat ? ... zangeres Adinda 1/ 4 ste Russisch is ? ... dat haar grootmoeder altijd het Sovjet volkslied Katusha zong ? ... dat Katusha Russisch is voor ‘Stalin Orgel’ ? ... en die boezemden angst in voor de Duitsers in WOII ? ... dat de song Rabote over het beleg van Stalingrad gaat? ... en dat we bij gebrek aan een Stalin Orgel maar op drankorgels overgeschakeld zijn ... die live op het podium met ons mee Luchtviool spelen? ... en daarbij Wodka consumeren ?

The Philosophy #1

Ono Sendai is first mentioned in a Cyberpunk novel by William Gibson named Neuromancer. It's one of those typical huge corporates that builds hi tech cyberdecks (read: your very funky computer linked into your brain), and has also side businesses in banking, finance, yakuza stuff and black ops weapons manufacturing. In this world, overwhelmed by consumption society, everyone struggles for a daily living, or leads a bland life without depth or vision. We depict the genre of Cyberpunk in our songs. Our lyrics describe how a person evolves, survives and lives from day to day in this hi-tech, fast moving world we live in. As pressure rises to perform and become more productive, as the whole world blends into one wonderfull mish mash of cultures , people seek out their identity, and since this is a difficult process, most don't care, falling back in negativism and selfishness. Lacking emotion in relationships, but still the heart bleeds for the loves lost. Complain, complain, never enough, everyone's to blame, but in the end, it's all your fault. You voted the politicians, you buy the products, you lack the will to change, you call out for fair trade and buy the cheap product instead, etc ... In essence, there is no ideology behind Ono Sendai (yet:)). Sure we hate consumer capitalism, but we're no communists.Yes, entrepreneurship and commitment to bring something innovative to the world should be supported, but don't do it by exploiting other people. Of course we care about ecology, but we're no hippies. We don't like war nor violence, but what you're gonna do when the Nazi's come? There is no straight answer to all our questions, there is a path to be followed that's being defined on the road as you go. We are modern nomads, longing for ancient times of a simpler life, but driven to get and consume more every day. We are connected by mobile phones and the Internet, and as such, hope to gain back a little of the social life that used to be. But maybe, this evolution is the answer to social antipathy, freedom of speech, enabling understanding and respect. But it starts with you! Take up the responsibility and start being a thinking entity ! Like you're doing now, you're not so different from our 12.000 year old hunting and gathering ancestors, you just have a cell phone to call in the troops when another mammoth opportunity arrives ! Think! Ascend! Transcend !

Prepare for the Humo Rock Rally !

Hi all We've posted some revamped songs with Adinda on Vocals to apply for the Humo Rock Rally. Including a brand new one called Closed Corner. Come and hear us, get our stats up and make some buzz so we get elected !!! Reinhart, Adinda, Peter

Female singer enters the band

We are proud to anounce that Adinda will join our band as the lead singer. We are sure that her beautifull voice, even better looks, lots of stage attitude and a notorious rubber duck complex will take Ono Sendai to the next level !!! The Band


Hi all Enjoy the new song Cutie. It's not something I wrote in college, around the time when the mammoths died and ice age battled against global warming, but this one's brand new. An hommage to my daughter, cuz she's a Cutie :) Let me know your comments ! Reinhart

Ono Sendai Reborn

Ono Sendai is an electronic project that started way down in 1995. Experimenting with computers, keyboards, synthesizers, and all kinds of electronic music styles, we managed to create a new style. I love to blend dark electro, drum&bass, techno, industrial, latin music, whatever I can find into a song, trying to create a new experience and meant for one thing in the end : dance till ya drop !!! After some years in forced labour (read work), rock and metal, I decided to remix all the good ol' stuff and post it for the good of all. Hear some of my songs, post some comments, and try to involve as many as your friends in this already age old project.