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330 Movement

Make sure you all check out Lyrical Fire Radio www.Speaker.com with your host Farcus Bio Hazard Click... giving Ohio artsts the recognition they deserve... It airs on Saturdays at 10pm if you miss it no worries they all recorded!!! 330 Movement!!!!!!!!!!

Moving forward

well we cut ties with Chuckie G, and replaced him with Lyrikill... we formed a group called Los Boiz. I'm rapping as my alias now NavaRay Devil... we have a 16 track mix tape on the way... Featuring Cantons own J-Ruckus... grab a copy soon... Peace.

Stemz-N-Seedz Productionz

D-WhiteKid, Jonni Vknock, and Chuckie G will be releasing their albums in a 3 disk set over 30 tracks... Going to be off the hook... We will keep you updated... Album titles are... D-WhiteKid Razorbladez-N-Handgrenadez/ Jonni Vknock: Smoke Session/ Chuckie G: Kixin it ol' Skool... We will keep you posted

Rap Artist from Canton Ohio

Stemz-N- Seedz on the Rize.... Dwhitekid, Jonni Vknock N Chucki G