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Brooks Young Band "Why Can't We" release

Hailing from the North-eastern United States, The Brooks Young Band set out to develop a personal and unique sound by blending elements as diverse as folk, pop and rock. The band’s brand new single “Why Can’t We” features heartfelt lyrics and charming melodies, not unlike artists such as Wilco or Calexico. The band transcends genre definitions, bringing rootsy and bluesy vibes into a more modern context that appeals to a broader range of listeners. One of the most interesting things about the track is that it showcases how The Brooks Young Band is able to bridge the gaps between solid musicianship and integrity with a more commercial side to their sound, creating a truly new and exciting narratives by skilfully arranging terms, expressions and idioms from the vast vernacular of American music. Find out more and let the sound tell you the rest of the story. By Peter Vidani thebandcampdiaries blog http://www.brooksyoungband.com

April 4th: Rochester Opera House

We are excited to announce we are performing, for the first time ever, at the historic Rochester Opera House in Rochester, NH. Join us for a rocking night of music as we perform songs off our past album as well as our newest album, "Time to Fly."

April 4th 8:00pm

Tickets On Sale Now www.RochesterOperaHouse.com

Opening act TBA soon!

Brooks Young Band rocks to the top

Brooks Young Band rocks to the top By Michael Witthaus : HIPPO PRESS

Working on a new album while play- ing a blur of gigs, it’s been a busy year for the Brooks Young Band — and also a well- rounded one. The Concord quintet appeared with everyone from Ted Nugent to Vice Presi- dent Joe Biden, the latter at a rally appearance toward the end of the 2012 campaign. Biden enjoyed the blues rockers enough to request a CD and arrange a meet and greet with President Barack Obama, and Bill Clinton also made an appearance.

“I asked him if he still played the sax- ophone and he held his thumb and index finger close together and said, ‘just a little bit’ — in that classic Clinton voice,” Young said in a recent phone call. Young talked during a studio break, as he and his band completed work on four tracks from their upcoming second album. Like the first, they recorded at Rocking Horse Studio in Pittsfield. Young and studio own- er Brian Coombes have been friends for more than seven years. “I feel warm and comfortable there,” said Young. “It’s like home to me.”

The as-yet unnamed disc is a musical departure, with gritty rockers replacing the blues and ballads of the band’s first record.

“Put the Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin and say, the Beatles in a bag and shake it to see what came out,” said Young. “That’s what this album is like, and I’m very excited.” “Talk It Up” is driven by Andy Devine’s southern-fried slide guitar and a crunchy backbeat. “You can picture Mick Jagger jumping up and down with his index finger in the air,” said Young. The band — Young, Devine, drummer Dave Lombard, Jeff Leroy on keyboards and bass player John Condlin - find a Dave Matthews groove on “Never Thought I’d See You,” which features a saxophone and Young on acoustic guitar.

Those and other new musical elements will surprise fans. Young plays a Gibson Les Paul on one track; a picture of him with the guitar lit generated a blitz of Facebook comments. “Everyone who knows me knows that I am a Fender Strat guy,” he said. “They all went, ‘Brooks Young playing a Les Paul?’”

Young said he’s inspired by a recent friendship with Eric Clapton’s longtime guitar tech Lee Dickson, who told him there’s no money in the blues.

“I said, ‘OK, I’m never writing another blues tune again.’ I took his advice,” said Young. “We are really aiming for the rock and roll. We’re try- ing to capture really who we are.” “Although,” Young added with a laugh, “I will play with BB King.”

He hasn’t completely forsaken the blues, either. On Jan. 19, the band will perform at Con- cord’s Purple Pit Jazz Club, a Storytellers-styled evening of blues standards and a few originals. Playing alongside big names is a hab- it dating back to his first appearance with King on Sept. 11, 2001, while he was still a teenager. Since then, he’s joined Brad Whit- ford on stage; the Aerosmith guitarist gave Young front row seats and backstage passes to the band’s sold-out TD Bank North show. South- side Johnny, James Montgomery, Huey Lewis And The News and Chris Isaak are among a few other stars the band has worked with.

One recent appearance in particular stands out for Young. After opening for Robert Randolph and the Family Band in Concord, he hung out backstage with the slide guitarist. Randolph asked Young to join him to play “Sunshine of Your Love,” Cream’s late ‘60s hit. “I said, ‘Great! I’m a huge fan of Clap- ton’ — and he says, ‘Good, because you’re singing it.’” Performing with Randolph in front of a hometown crowd was so exhilarating that Young almost forgot he had a job to do.

“‘He and I are soloing back and forth, and I’m thinking, holy crap ... I had no time to warm up, so I just went with the flow. I had to stop and remind myself to play the notes and sing,” he said. “It’s a moment I’ll nev- er forget.”

For more information about our new upcoming album visit our "In The Studio" sectio of our official website. www.BrooksYoungBand.com/InTheStudio

BYB: Review by A.J. Wachtel

THE BROOKS YOUNG BAND – Live at The Liberty Hotel – review by A.J. Wachtel

THE BROOKS YOUNG BAND The Liberty Hotel Boston, Ma March 23, 2012 Review by A.J. Wachtel Seeing a young band from New Hampshire in one of Boston’s luxury hotels has me curious from the git-go: and my excitement builds as I enter the lobby and see a ton of people in motion walking around the stage and small round tables. This is my kind of place: an affluent pick-up joint with red-hot music. Brooks has a strong, expressive voice, his guitar reeks of Clapton licks and his music attracts a bigger crowd as the night goes on. His band, Andy Levine on guitar, Kirk Remignatti on bass and backing vocals, Jeff Leroy on keys and backing vocals and Dave Lombard on drums is a solid, enjoyable unit. I really like “You Don’t Know Why” and “Dance Alone” two power-pop melodies with the emphasis on POWER from their debut cd “Counting Down” and I especially dig their late-set version of “Jumping Jack Flash”. This is a party band to keep an eye on and The Liberty Hotel is rapidly becoming one of my favorite clubs to see a gig. (A.J. Wachtel)


by Scott McLennan

The Wachusett Mountain Musicfest falls on Sept. 11, and no doubt many in attendance will at some point in the day recall where they were a decade ago when those tragic events of terrorism unfolded in New York City, Washington, D.C. and rural Shanksville, PA.

“I was introduced to B.B. King that day. I was with him on his tour bus when the towers were hit,” recalled Brooks Young, who at the time was a teen guitar fiend given a chance to open for King when the blues legend performed in Concord, N.H. that day. King kept his commitment to play, perhaps instilling in Young a lesson about the unifying power of music. Young and King stayed in touch over the ensuing years, with the now matured blues-infused Brooks Young Band having most recently shared a stage with King at the Hampton Beach Casino last summer. Other veterans too, such as Pat Benatar and Huey Lewis, have tapped the up-and-coming Brooks Young Band to be openers for their Granite State dates.

Young and his band were in the studio working on a follow-up to its critically lauded debut “Counting Down” when recently reached by phone The group’s namesake guitarist and singer said that after spending much of 2010 and this year playing as many concerts as possible, the band is now working on bringing that energy of live performance into the studio. Young said he also wants the new songs have catchy hooks the listeners will like and enough musicality to keep the players in his band interested.

“You start to think about writing songs you want to play 600 times live,” Young joked.

And if whatever this band cooks up next clicks, there’s no reason to doubt that the Brooks Young Band will be playing beyond its regional Northeast stomping grounds.

Young picked up a guitar at age 9 and gravitated toward the music of Eric Clapton and other blues-based rock.

“It’s just how we express ourselves,” Young said.

MORE Brooks Young Band HERE! www.BrooksYoungBand.com

The band grew to include drummer Dave Lombard, rhythm guitarist Ben Levergood, bassist Kirk Remignanti, and keyboardists Jeff LeRoy and Dan Vitale. On “Counting Down,” guitar ace Johnny A. sat in on the title track, and the band took some good advice from a music pro they met in Nashville.

“He listened to our stuff and liked it but told us to go in the studio and remake a classic that people will relate to,” drummer Lombard said.

So the group remade the The Rolling Stones “Jumpin’ Jack Flash,” which afforded the Brooks Young Band a chance to flaunt its nastier side amid an otherwise smoother sounding set of tunes. Yet even when the songs have pop appeal, Young’s singing and guitar playing inevitably owe more to blues and classic R&B stylings.

Along the way, Young has heard encouraging words from blues-rock mainstays such as Jay Geils and James Montgomery.

“We’re young guys but get along well with these iconic rock and blues legends. They’re all guys who keep doing it and love what we do,” Young said.

Lombard noted that the Brooks Young Band is definitely working outside the lines for a new group looking for commercial exposure, yet the band is consciously modeling the lessons of Led Zeppelin rather than chasing the American Idol dream. “We feel we have to get ourselves out there and let people see us and hear us live,” he said.

Yet swimming against the tide that other fledgling bands are choosing in order to make names for themselves isn’t a chore, according to Young.

“We’re a group of guys having fun,” Young said. “We love what we do.”

Brooks Young Band with Roomful Of Blues

Tickets on sale now ! Brooks Young Band with Roomful Of Blues at Flying Monkey Movie House & Performance Center in Plymouth NH, on June 17th. http://www.flyingmonkeynh.com/

The Brooks Young Band delivers a powerful and memorable performance at each show. They have played in numerous venues from Boston to New York City and even Nashville.

Brooks Young Band has shared the stage with: * Grammy Award Winning, King of the Blues, B.B. King. * Robert Randolph & The Family Band * Brad Whitford of Aerosmith * J. Geils * James Cotton * James Montgomery * South Side Johnny & The Asbury Jukes

Brooks Young Band & J. Geils, Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson

When: Friday November 12th Where: The Flying Monkey Plymouth,NH

Luther "Guitar Junior" Johnson has emerged as the bona fide leader of the West Side guitar style with his unique blend of blues, soul and funk.

Jay Geils needs no introduction to the legion of music fans that made The J. Geils Band one of the leading acts in the history of rock and roll.

Brooks Young Band is no stranger to the Monkey. This will be the third performance of the Brooks Young Band at the newly developed Flying Monkey making them the most requested performer at this beautiful venue.The bands most noteworthy shows have been opening for the Grammy Award Winning, King of the Blues, B.B. King. They have also performed with musical icons James Montgomery and James Cotton.

The Flying Monkey will thunder with the sound of blues as these three legendary performers heat up the stage. Interested in dinner? Purchase your tickets in the Balcony or Riser section. Seating is limited. Call 603-536-2551 for more info.

Balcony: $25 Orchestra: $29 Reserved Tables| Main Theater & Balcony: $35 Center Orchestra: $39

Tickets Available Here: www.flyingmonkeynh.com

BROOKS YOUNG BAND www.BrooksYoungBand.com

J Geils, Luther "Guitar Jr. Johnson" & Brooks Young Band

On Friday, November 12th Fender Artist Brooks Young and his band perform with Luther "Guitar Jr." Johnson and blues rock icon J. Geils at The Flying Monkey Performing Arts Center in Plymouth, NH at 7PM. Don't miss this opportunity to see legends of present and future for a one-night-only event.

This will be the third performance of the Brooks Young Band at the newly developed Flying Monkey - making them the most requested performer at this beautiful venue. Tickets are available now at http://www.flyingmonkeynh.com/

The Brooks Young Band has been featured in Music Connection Magazine and is a mainstay on Boston’s 92.5 The River. They have performed up and down the east coast with such performers as Grammy Award winning "King of the Blues" B.B. King and James Montgomery. “Counting Down”, their first full studio album released in April 2010. The title track features Gibson Signature Artist Johnny A.

BROOKS YOUNG BAND www.BrooksYoungBand.com Join Us On Facebook

Meet the musicians who'll rock your socks

Concord Insider 2010 Concord Market Days

Interview with:

BROOKS YOUNG Brooks Young Band

“Always dress like you’re going to the bank to take out a loan. You always need to look sharp.”

That’s the advice blues legend B.B. King had for Brooks Young, the guitarist and front man behind the Brooks Young Band, which released its first studio album in April 2010.

And, while it’s safe to say Young’s got the rock star getup down, his playing is pretty sharp these days, too. The Fender-endorsed guitarist, who’s 28, has played with the likes of King, J. Geils, and James Montgomery, and he’s not showing any signs of letting up soon. But with all the links to stardom, does Young ever get away from the music scene? Not hardly.

In addition to collecting guitars and old records, the Concord native likes to watch the History Channel – something that may surprise his younger fans. “Pawn Stars” is among his favorite programs on the network, but he’s also quick to point out his heavy interest in the iPhone. “I’m very big on iPhones,” Young said enthusiastically. “I have the new iPhone 4 that’s out so I spend time looking for the coolest new applications.”


See the show: Saturday Time: 7 p.m. Location: Main stage

Legends of Rock n Blues

Details: From "The Flying Monkey" Plymouth NH

We're open! After several months of renovations...there's not a bad seat in the house! A light buffet dinner begins at 6pm - additional charge for this...stay tuned...now for show details: The James Montgomery Blues Band featuring Michael Carabello, David Hull, & The Uptown Horns. Brooks Young Band opening. While growing up in Detroit Montgomery learned firsthand from the masters - James Cotton, John Lee Hooker, and Jr. Wells - at the legendary "Chessmate". Over the years, he's carried on in the tradition and continues to be a vital presence in Blues as one of the most dynamic performers on the scene. Montgomery's rough and tumble style always gets a room buzzing; but add on these other legends and this 'superband' promises to be unforgettable. Rock N Roll hall of famer, Michael Carabello of SANTANA will bring his legendary congos and add to the percussion side. David Hull of Farenheit and The Joe Perry Project always heats things up with his blistering bass guitar. The Uptown Horns, who have recorded and toured with the Rolling Stones and James Brown and the J. Geils Band, to name a few, are widely regarded as the top horns ensemble in the country. Put all these legends on The Flying Monkey stage and there will undoubtedly be magic. This show is going to be hot!