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Just finished the MASTER on CHILLIN

THis is a song to CRANK if you have a car stereo system!

LCATV Broadcast yesterday evening

I had a great time performing in front of the cameras at LCATV last evening! I wasn't as nervous as I thought I'd be, comfortable atmosphere. Rebecca Padula is a wonderful host! I played 4 songs and was able to plug www.vtacousticartistsradio.com There is a tapped recording that will be here soon... http://www.lcatv.org/series/lcatv-open-mic-live

I was taken a bit by my emotions before playing My Apathy quite surprising... I thought I was behind all that grieving stuff but it never goes away it becomes a part of you. Its what makes us part of who we are...

A YOUNG MAN AND GERMAN SHEPARD Posted by Me | On May 29, 2013 | 0 Comments

Today I happen to be at the corner of 2A and the entrance to the Box stores in Williston, VT. There was a young man with a sign needing help. "Stranded - can you please help... " He had a German Shepard dog with him a few years old maybe 7 years. He had on a pink nylon harness. Sitting on the sidewalk and the dog laying by his side... I motioned him over and gave him some cash and he was very polite and appreciative and thankful... I said God Bless Man... and he then walked over to his dog and was giving him/her love. It breaks my heart to see this and knowing that I should have spent more time to get to know his story. But I had my own time commitments and responsibilities to tend to meet our family's needs... If I only had the financial freedom to be able to truly help I would be so blessed. IF you have read the latest update on the Foundation, I have decided to put it on hold. It is much bigger than I thought it to be as far as time committent and $ to get established. I am hoping that my music will touch many hearts in this world and that the love will be returned so that I can help the homeless and get this foundation up and running... I plea to those who have extra to help me help others! We only get one life to get it right. What we do in this world does echo in eternity. We will not be measured by what we accumulated in this world but by what we did to help others in need.