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"Rep my city"

Created 2012 S & S Productions I rep my city to the fullest born in raised in the 815, 779 ROCKFORD IL. I show mad luv for my city, but in return we get none back due to the violence in our town rap/hip-hop is banned. Cops shut it down as soon as there is word of a venue hosting it so its easier for all venues to not do any hip-hop/ rap shows. So they force us to travel to other cities to rep.

"Shoot for da starz"

Created end of 2012 S & S Productions Studio This song is about showing my talent to the world and showing the dedication I have in my music and on this song. So I'm gonna Shoot for nothing but the starz to make my mark.

Who I am

Created 2011 S & S Productions

This is mainly for my family to make them proud that i can make it to the top with or without the help of anyone, but I have had allot of help from my family so far.

live in the lime-light

created this Mar.28, 2013 in S & S productions Studio

We wanted to make a up beat song hook helps in that. Its about making it shining bright like a diamond being noticed in the spot-light. Being together on this song shows how we are dedicated to make it to the top spot.


Created late 2011 S & S Productions

This song in a round about way tells a story on how we are sick of getting taking advantage of and for anyone that has fu*ked us over and in this field we have come across allot of that names of coarse will not be mentioned, BUT they still doing they thing.