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APOSTASY CDs & cassettes out soon!

As some of you may know, I played guitar in a death-metal band in the '90s: APOSTASY. Our recording from 1993 is set to be re-issued in CD & cassette format by Altar of Waste Records soon! When it's available in a few months, I'll post the link here where you can get a copy. In the meantime, you can scope out this APOSTASY vid I made recently:


Note: the Mind of God / Di-Noise split CD on Renacer Records will also be out soon. I signed the record-release contract last week. Stay tuned...

New Video! "Seizure Cyanide Hospital"

Watch on YouTube. Will be uploaded to Vimeo soon, also:


The track appears on my 'Ominous' album, which is available in digital format on Bandcamp:


The album is also available as a CD in a DVD case through Altar of Waste Records:


Mind of God / Di-Noise Split CD Out in May!

New MOG release will be out in late May! Split CD w/ Di-Noise from Peru on Renacer Records. Watch teaser vid here:


'Ominous' LP Gets Great Review in Heathen Harvest Periodical!

""Pizzolato has made phenomenal use of earth-shaking lows, piercing highs, and the placement of sounds, so that the music has a kind of three-dimensional character. Wherever you choose to play it, it’s worthy of a good-quality sound system." - Kate MacDonald

Read more here:


'Ominous' LP Gets Great Write-Up in Tironas Magazine!

"Interesting, new, and refreshing underground act from the U.S. Working on a sound/style which was sadly forgotten in the late '90s. If anyone could remember the works of Mick Harris and James Bullen (Scorn), or the sound of Coil in the late '80s ('Windowpane' era) or maybe even the static electronic melancholia of Autechre - 'Amber', you would have a way of describing the sound of Mind of God. Dub and psychedelic-inspired minimal industrial. It's damn refreshing and original and incredibly well done! Sounds, atmospheres, and trippy drums swirl around and jump between your speakers creating an awesome audio vortex!" - Per Odderskov

Get a copy of the mag through here:


'Ominous' is available in digital & CD format. Go here:


'Ominous' LP gets great review!

Mind of God - 'Ominous' LP has been reviewed by Stuart Wain of "The Sound Not the Word"!

"'It’s as good as impossible to listen to this and not have a sense of paranoia grow; such is the malice and threat held in these six songs. The beats are incredibly heavy, and it’s hard not to be absorbed into them; despite the undeniable heaviness, there’s also something quite ambient about 'Ominous', with each track building an aura that drowns the listener, submerging them in the dark, treacherous waters. It’s safe to say that this is one album that lives up to its name." - Stuart Wain

Read the full article here:


Brand new MOG video! "Brain-Eating Amoeba"

Created by Dominic Marceau of F Squared Media. Watch on YouTube:


Watch on Vimeo:


The track appears on the Mind of God - 'Ominous' full-length LP which is available for download on the MOG Bandcamp site:


The album is also available as a limited edition CD in a DVD case through Altar of Waste Records. $10 in the U.S., $23 rest of the world:


Mind of God - 'Ominous' CD is now available..!!

Released by Altar of Waste Records as a limited edition CD in a DVD case, this is the finest Mind of God album to date. Six tracks, totaling over 43 minutes of my special brand of heavy, beat-driven, minimalistic deathdub. Mastered by J Stillings of Steel Hook Prostheses. $10 in the U.S., $23 rest of the world. Get one here! http://altarofwasterecords.blogspot.com/2015/04/mind-of-god-ominous-cdr-aow-203.html Digital album is also available right here on the Mind of God Bandcamp site! https://mindofgod.bandcamp.com/album/ominous-lp

MOG - 'Frozen Children's Krypt' cassettes have SOLD OUT..!!

Thanks to all who purchased one through Cruel Nature Records! If you missed out on the cassette, don't worry - you can still download the album on the MOG Bandcamp site! This EP includes my collaboration track with avant-garde mastermind Kenji Siratori. Digital version includes four Mind of God images created by yours truly which did not appear in the cassette release..! Go here: https://mindofgod.bandcamp.com/album/frozen-childrens-krypt-ep

Inverted Records compilation: "Creatures Vol.2"

The Mind of God track "Impending Revenge Porn Dokument Drop" appears on this sick compilation album that was just released by Inverted Records..! The album is now available in digital format at the link below. It will also be released in CD format in three weeks! https://invertedrecords.bandcamp.com/album/ir003-various-creatures-vol-2