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Work in progress

Working on lyrics for 3 new tunes which hunt my body

"Life Is Life" submitted to ISC 2015

"Life Is Life” I have submitted my song to ISC 2015 contest.


"Life Is Life” new tune uploaded

New original song dedicated to life. It represents the end of Echo Of Life project. Hope You like it!

"Earth Is Our Home" new tune uploaded

Today I have uploaded my new tune. Earth is the one and only home. Lyrics and music emerged in order to salute this fact.

Music "Pipeline" progress

Update on two new tunes. "Life Is Life" is the end of "Echo of Life". "Earth Is Our Home" is a new beginning.

Captured data passed internal QA starting on mix etc.

Going CyberDetox

Going CyberDetox and gonna dedicate limited free time to my music for at least a couple of months or more

Music "Pipeline" update

Fingerpicking gems: "The Earth Is Our Home" lyrics DONE. Next stop tune Sync "Life Is Life" lyrics DONE. Tune in progress.

New tune "On A Summer day"

Finally I have uploaded my brand new tune.

After so many remakes and takes - YES

"On A Summers Day" http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/20622107

Story about everything and nothing.

Walkabouts in imagination from the very early start, through basic needs and some cyber drifting too.

More challenging than expected this long tune of mine. A model 5:16.

As all my other tunes it is recorded in one go.

Recorded with Fourtrack+Guitarjack2 and Cubase as DAW.

I hope to get the VID on this one through internal QA this week too.

Hope You like it. Feel free to comment etc. Stay cool.

Pls. enjoy Erik Deela

Cubase workshop

For Your information during this week I have attended a limited but intensive Cubase workshop at 4Sound CPH on Mix Voodo tricks :-) Lots of inspiration. To be used on my new track "On A Summers Day" in pipeline. Stay cool Erik

Short or long tracks

Currently efforts trying to record my new tune. Have practiced for so lonnnnnnng...... time :D It's a 5 minutes long recording - each time. Yes I try a longer track this time. In the end of day a track is as long as it was meant to be :D