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Rain or Hail

This is my oldest song and I have been waiting anxiously for us to do a really nice recording of it. Well, we finally started, and I don't think any body will be dissapointed. We decided to keep all further revisions of the songs in-reserve until the official release of the Album. Rain or Hail is an adaptation of an EE Cummings poem by the same name. I have been working on this song for the better part of 15 years, and I finally feel good about it. D

Slings redux

Rob Z played some amazing fiddle tracks on Slings, but being the perfectionist, he wanted to have another crack at it. Well let's just say that I was not disapointed. Be on the lookout for an even newer version of Slings in the near future.

3 Questions

Well, we started this recording while we were at Desoto Springs over Thanksgiving. We laid in the rythym guitar and banjo. Once we got back into society, I played the Guitar leads and we both did our vocals...Rob Z came in and laid in some screaming fiddle licks, and now all that is left is the mix-down. Expect a new version of 3 Questions within the week. Famous last words.


The studio session for this song started the same as the last one. We spend alot of time plunking around on Cakewalk, as neither of us is an expert. I laid the guitar track(which was difficlut without a click track, so we did use one), then a scratch vox track, then John put in his banjo. We will spend another night or two on this before it will really start to come together. I will keep you posted here and let everyone know as each re-record comes out. D


I guess this is the first song that I feel really good about as far as recording goes. We did it over 2 Monday nights. The first, we recorded the guitar, banjo, and vocals. On the second, we recorded bass and keys and mixed it some. The keys were fun for me to do, since I haven't been playig much piano lately. John came up with the bass line. All we are lacking is the lead violin, and I am trying to get Rob Z in before the first of December so he can lay down his tracks. Everyrthing was recorded on an Audio-Technica Condenser Mic, in the band room at John's house. John plays a Gibson RB-250, I play an Alvarez PF90-SC. The bass is a Gibson Grabber 3, and the piano is a Korg SP-200. We are going through an Alesis mixer with Firewire direct into a PC with Cakewalk Sonar. D

In the studio

John and I are currently in the process of re-recording all of our songs. There have been a lot of minor changes to the songs and I want to get the final versions out to the public so we can do an official release of our demo album. I hope this process will be close to completion by the first of the year. Rob Z is going on tour in December, so we will have to figure out how to get him into the studio for a couple of sessions to ensure that our loyal fans won't miss out on his haunting melodies.... I will keep you all posted here on our first official blog. D