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Apple App

J5U's iPhone app is officially released! Just search J5U, and download our sparkly new app, and take J5U with you everywhere you go! This app allows you to take photos, and videos, and submit them to the website to be posted!

Apple App!

Our Apple App is currently in review by Apple. As soon as they approve it we will roll this thing out! We are VERY excited for this! Keep your eye on the page!!!

Mobile APP!!!

Bobby here, we have an Android mobile app in the works that should be up and ready for download by tomorrow. We can expand to Apple but it will take an investment. We would like to feel this out for a couple of things: 1) Would our iPhone having fans be interested in this (If so what is a fair price? Not looking for profit as much as to pay back the annual investment) And 2) would there be any interest from any of our fans to invest in this? (We would discuss return on investment at a later point) Please give us feedback so we can make a decision on this!


We are a small group of musically talented individuals, who love to perform. We love what we do and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world! We are trying to bring something a little new and different in our style. With a different kind of percussion, and music writing style. From original songs, to our mashups! You gotta be there!!! Come see us!!!!!