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As promised lets talk about two hand tapping. This is the number one thing I am asked about. It is a huge part of my playing style and something that I think should be part of every players arsenal. First a little history. Finger tapping on the finger board goes as far back as the fifties/sixties with Jazz great George Van Epp and Barney Kessel. In the seventies with Billy Gibbons (ZZ Top)and Steve Hackett (Yes). As we all know it changed for rock guitar with Mr. Eddie Van Halen. Eruption influenced every single guitar after that. It made you want to be a shredder and a showman or it made you want to be a different kind of player. Then of course it grew and expanded, Jeff Watson (Night Ranger) eight finger on a single string tapping. Steve Lynch (Autograph) and Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson GIT) all eight fingers on all of the strings in many different combos. Lets not forget about Stanley Jordan and the Godfather of the acoustic tapping craze Michael Hedges. I started tapping because of Eddie, but really expanded on it because of Steve Lynch, Michael Hedges and Allan Holdsworth. I know Allan is not a big tapper, for me hearing the wide intervals and fluid horn like touch made me want to expand on that approach. Now the technique, on paper its simple TAP/PULL OFF/HAMMER ON/TAP. Sounds easy right? It came be, the trick is to be even in volume and tone and it must be clean! Many players use some sort of mute (hair tie,string mute (Jennifer Batten’s website sell em). There is no shame in this Greg Howe and Guthrie Govan slide it back and forth over the nut while they play. I have a Gruvgear (www.gruvgear.com) that I use in the studio. To master this technique start with the Eddie version (as I like to call it) pick a three note arpeggio (lets use C,E,G) play C and E with you left hand and G with your right. Give it a triplet feel. As always start slow and make it perfect (remember build muscle memory). Next is multiple fingers on one string. Get a hair tie or something similar to mute the open string noise until you get comfortable with this technique. Start out slow and even hammer on with the left hand (lets us finger pattern 1,2,4 make sure to us your pinkie) then match that same pattern on the same string. You will work the pattern in both directions, make sure to palm mute the other strings and work hard to get even volume and tone. Next is 6 or 8 finger tapping. I use this for wide intervals and octave displacement type tapping licks (this is a big part of my LIVE guitar solo). You’ll take the same approach as the paragraph above. I call this modal tapping. Knowing your theory can really help you expand your licks here. Please make this part of your musically vocabulary and not a trick that you crowbar into a song to show. I’m only scratching the surface of tapping. This will be covered in detail on the video page! To see still examples of the above technique go to my photo album title tapping! SG

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Ok I have 4 days left on my KickStater. I have 5k friends on here, I would love it if all of you could share it with your friends or even toss in a buck! It ends this Tuesday at 7:02pm! Scott Gailor - Technicolor/Monochrome https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/592786334/scott-gailor-technicolor-monochrome Thanks everyone! SG

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Happy New Year everyone. Been laid up all day but wanted to share the 1st reviews with ya'll! A big thanks to everyone who has shared, pledged, listened etc! " amazing kick ass blend between rock, blues and metal that Will rip your throat out and make you stomp your feet" Gear Guys Radio/Jac Harrison When passion runs deep in a musician, it’s usually noticeable in the first few notes they play. It strikes you immediately. It’s an undeniable vibe, feeling, mojo (call it what you want) that makes you say “More of that please”. Such as the case with the new release from Scott Gailor. Technicolor Monochrome is a trip into a passionate guitarists mind as he leads us on a sonic twisting turning adventure of style with a new level of precision and grace not seen in awhile. From the jaw busting opening track “G Body Shuffle” to the modal woodshedding of the closer “Tribal Redux” this is the disc in 2015 that’s gonna make you want to practice. A lot. Is Scott Gailor doing what many other guitarists do? Sure, but his passion is the stand out on this ten song, fat toned, heart filled, technical gonzo. You can hear it in every note weaving in and out of varied styles with class and ease. Let’s face it, we all wanna play like this guy. The stand out track for me is “No Smoking Section”. Just the opening chords, especially the ones coming through the middle speakers is subliminally telling me to “Break Some Furniture!!” Rock and Roll People!!! Scott Gailor is preaching the word and its time to listen. Technicolor Monochrome should be in your collection and thanks to Scott we all need to practice more. Scott is trying to have physical copies for the release of the album, so he has started a Kick Starter to fund that part of the project, check it out: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/592786334/scott-gailor-technicolor-monochrome Mark Daven Guitar Radio Show

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Please check out my kickstarter! www.kickstarter.com/projects/592786334/scott-gailor-technicolor-monochrome?ref=discovery My 1st cd TechniColor/MonoChrome is done!

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“…The pursuit of tone is my second biggest obsession. The right mix of the perfect tone and a good crowd is very tough to beat!” What makes a musician so versatile? Experience. That’s exactly what you get with South Florida’s Scott Gailor who brings his discipline of technical prowess and modern emotion to a new tier. Hailing from Saratoga Springs, Scott began making a name for himself through the New York City club circuit before toughing it out touring along the east coast racking up more than 2600 shows. It wasn’t long before Scott was recognized nationally as an on the rise talent by coming in 4th out of 750 players in the Guitar Wars Semi-Finals, and regional runner-up in Guitar Center’s Guitarmageddon competition. "The first time I heard/saw Scott Gailor play I was 16 years old and I thought he was an alien from outer space! Simply Amazing!” –JP Soars (JP Soars and the Red Hots, Southern Hospitality, Divine Empire) Whether it has been with Scrooge, Union Jack, Kidd Havok (SunCity Records) or Lauren Krothe, Scott has proven that no matter who he is with, he stands toe to toe with greatness as he has opened for everyone from Yngwie Malmsteen to Dokken, Extreme, and Sebastian Bach. Usually a fickle bunch, the press has even singled Scott out for his ‘breakneck speed,’ (Metal Edge Magazine) and comparisons to Eddie Van Halen (Hard Rock Haven). From the National, right to the local level, he continues to inspire fans of all ages. “Let me help you on your first steps in the never-ending pursuit of tone!” Currently you can catch Scott adding atmosphere and slinging licks as part of Lauren Krothe's live band while he puts the finishing touches on his highly anticipated first instrumental release that’s sure to be stuck on repeat for days.

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Hey Everyone, I post guitar tips and tricks over on my facebook every few days! https://www.facebook.com/scott.gailor