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Free music

Good day friend Bad dog here. Please download our music it's free. Let us know your fav. Tunes and share share share its all free here. Thank you and enjoy.

More negative feed back Please?????

Ok so we as a band get nothing but positive feed back which is very up building but it does not help in the growth of the band I guess that's what u get playing the bar scene by the end of the night everyone is hammered and your the best thing every to play there town. Witch is nice but I want some constructive criticism where can one get good constructive criticism? Our recordings are pretty cheaply done and does not do our live performance justice. I need criticism on our live performances. Any ideas?

Get it while its hot.

You can now get your kickass Bad dog tunes on Cd baby,Amazon Mp3,iTunes, plus here on reverb nation. Help us make 2013 a big year and get us in your town. Thanks the band

Keep on rocking

Yes folks bad dog is currently working hard on some more ripping tunes. Witch we hope we can play for you soon. Stay tuned

welcome to bad dogs world

we are so excited to be here with the nation.