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When I say PURPLE you say...?

Along with the unexpected entry of our name into the bill at PirateFest 2013 came a week of anticipation, stress and excitement...With no time to practice we had to resort to practicing at our other impromptu gigs including a benefit show for Habitat for Humanity last wednesday and a fill in show on thursday at the Tipsy Teapot with Pisces Rising. Last week was easily our most busy week as a band yet. Warm sunshine and a light breeze graced Greenville with it's presence saturday morning as we prepared for the show. Chazz, Connor and myself headed to the "study hall" for a last minute practice. We wrote out the setlist then loaded up and went to PirateFest with an hour or so to spare. The crowd was thick and almost everyone you saw had a smile on their face, which is a wonderful relief for a performer. Sarah and William both arrived with about 15 minutes until show time which just further fueled our already pumped adrenaline to perform this last minute show. We began setup on stage and the sound tech was quite grumpy. I don't think the band was prepared for some of his demanding orders and resulted in a bit of confusion. This confusion turned into us standing on stage with instruments in hand in front of a crowd of a few hundred people. Suddenly it all just began. I nodded to Chazz to begin the kick drum beat to Devil's Grave, Sarah began singing her defiant, powerful lyrics and we took off! I felt an electrifying energy throughout the whole show, partly because the fact that my mic was not grounded and my lips were being electrocuted for the duration of the show, but it surely ket me on my toes... By far my favorite part of the show was hearing the crowd, which ranged from the ages of 1-70+ years old, yell out "Gold" in response to "Purple" during Funky Pirate. There's nothing like knowing the crowd is interested in participating in what you are doing. All in all it was an opportunity that we are all so appreciative for and learned so much from... Now it's time to hit the study hall to practice for River Jam on April 20th! See y'all there! Sincerely, Eli

Our Spazz Fest 2013 Experience

This weekend on March 23rd, 2013, We made our very first Spazzfest appearance at the Tipsy Teapot. Though the crowd was rather sparse we still had a great time. The guy who was supposed to play bass with us bailed on us, so we had the unique experience bringing up The Sleaves front man, Andrew, to play bass. Which btw The Sleaves, from Greenville, nc, is one of the coolest sounding most unique indie-rock bands I've seen in a while! In the spirit of "spazz" fest we did some covers that we normally wouldn't do, including a sexy, woman vocalist version of "Killing in the Name" by Rage Against the Machines. In future Spazz Fests to come we hope to move our way up the line-up so that more of you beautiful people can come see us!