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May 28th

Working on a song now that if heard by enough people could shock the world.

Dear God

May today's journey be a path we can share.

How About the Pig Boy

When it stops being about that guys message and more about the guy crying in death then I won't be so pissed watching people die in AA, mostly because they won't die as often. I heard listening to another is as much an act of love as perhaps exists. So then what is when the guy can't stop drinking but can't be heard and hears the same message told to 20 other guys who weren't similar? It's not love, it is hate.

As it is

I converse with real people today, won't put up with another way. I relate to the cut tooth, the killers instinct. I drank in the rain for years with wino's and I was a wino too. If you interested in hearing a hip hop mc learn the guitar and finding out the white mans instrument then respect it and wear headphones please. That rapping was expensive, I'm putting this stuff out now on a $65 recorder outta my apt. on guitar strings I can't afford to string.

Webhost come in?! F U bandfruggle

Lost my webhost today. Bandzoogle implied I swore to much. So oh well, this is a cool site to use for free. And www.theTalkativeOne.com is gonna be a place for cool ass products at a great price,

The hypocrite never dies

I took the world at their word long enough to break the habit. You want something done? Do it then. I don't bitch no more I act on it. It causes a few to feel like a bitch. Anger is an energy, a sign of life and living. I try and use it productively. Fear is lack of faith.

Revolution at noon

The harder I've worked at things that require essence the farther I've got from them. Essence to me is spiritual in nature, I stopped trying it just came. Now it is. It is so that if it goes away that's o.k. I don't care so much, as much my life ain't consumed. I was addicted to crack for 2 years meth a year and an 11 year daily drinker by age 28. I wanted to feel good guys. The happiest I've ever felt is by helping someone. My tears now are of joy. The littlest thing to me could be huge to another. Love got us here. If love can keep me while I'm here I'm a die with a smile.

June 29th

Going where I haven't been in a couple months. Blissman studios. Be there this sat. 29th. Gonna be a whole next level, site too, a lot of them tracks going bye bye. High quality will be taking longer but worth it.

June 24th

I'm gonna record some seriously sick shit this week. Sick in the sense of how I was addict and how I am today. I'll be surprised if anything ever recorded over a beat is comparable. At least 3 tracks ready now probably 5 or 6 by this time next week. Just taking a couple days break for my neighbors sake.

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