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official announcement

it's that time again for me to let the world know when I'm about life I've been doing my thinG StaYinG on the low working on my music and finishing my albuM The official name of the album is 2 drink minimum I will be doing a show in LA Beverly Hills in December so come check it out I'll post more about it.

j huff frontline news

Wat a day i worked then sat with t rae . We made up some plans for my up comeing album everything is looking good. ill be releaseing my new songs (1 Drink for me) , an( wat u wana do ) in the next mounth or so But for all my fans keep standing by me While i push on foward

so much to do

WoW just so much is coming up that its unbeleaveable. Like i have my album to finish then me an tonie ray got some hush hush stuff. Gona make lite. In the futcher something to look out for. Other then that im planing to a show befor the end of the year is over

never ever

I never made one of thes things. So i dont noe wat to say but im working on this new track that ima have. Coming out an im gona. Relase songs iv done. Back in the day so. But if ant one want to let me noe how a blog sapost to work