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First Vinyl Release!

That's right, a long lived dream of the Blanket has finally come to fruition and it's looking sexier than ever. Not only did we spare no expense when deciding to press the highest quality and best sounding vinyl money can buy, we concurred on the need to hand craft an array of custom wood boxes that would match the beauty and elegance of the contents it contains. Hence, the deluxe edition vinyl package of Collection I. Hand crafted by yours truly, these boxes are cut out of quarter inch birch plywood, extensivly sanded, kept together by hinges and magnets, lined with a red velvet interior, and then laser engraved to achieve a world class product that has even the least savvy vinyl collectors salavating over it's magnificance. And don't worry budget conscious music lovers, we've also released a basic edition that contains the same 180 gram audiophile record pressing and download card without the wooden box. This vinyl release contains six select songs off of "No Object", a remaster of "Wake & Stretch", and two brand new singles "Ages Hence" and "Land of the Free (redux)". The vinyl was mastered by world renown engineer Jim Wilson, cut by world renown laquer cutting engineer Tony Gray, and then pressed by the finest plant in the business, Record Tech Inc. Now grab a copy, toss it on your 1 million dollar hi-fi setup (or USB turntable) and let your ears feast on the auditory excellence that keeps remidning us why vinyl holds the crown for the best music listening medium of all time. Cheers