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So needless to say I get a bunch of music on the daily… And due to a lot of bull I tend not to have any expectations about any tracks going into it, but I ggot this by request on Linkedin and I’m very impressed with Miss Nikki O. The video got my attention from the 1st scene, because the leading man is definitely my speed lol (Good Pick Miss O, I so agree w/ that pick). But the song is also really good, she can sing! And not that auto tune crap, I mean she putting it down, showing the lady side of macking, yeah sometimes you find a that one kat you feel you need to step to and drop that jet beauty of the week game to…. I can’t front… I have put my mack down a time or two LOL (not too often but they are out there)… So I’m def feeling this one!!

Nikki O


Nikki O


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