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Please download my brand spakin' new song, 'Weeks Turn to Days' for your listening pleasure. Get it while it's hot!

The song is about friendship and the anticipation of reuniting with a loved one. It takes you back to those 'summer lovin' days!

Open Mic Blog #1

For the last few months Jesi Di & I have been hosting the Open Mic @ The Flying Bridge every Thursday

The last Thursday of July was particularly fun and interesting. So fun, in fact- we've decided to start writing a blog of our experiences at our weekly spot.

We arrived at the Flying Bridge around eight, as usual- fashionably late, of course. Upon our entrance, we were greeted by Ted, a middle aged drunk man who gave immediately gave us his card that read "Help!- A Beatles Tribute Band." Naturally, we were excited- as fellow Beatles fans & enthusiasts and the fact that someone was going to be performing that night. We weren't sure if we had it in us to play to an empty house, again. He then announced he would be waiting until his friends/ band members would get there! More people are coming? Yay! He found out about us through a bartender Rochelle who works at the Flying Bridge.

As we were setting up our PA system, we were greeted by yet another person. This time, by a refreshing young woman named Sarah Kirby Wilson. She said she learned about the Open Mic from the acoustic pie website. She had her band there with her and they would need to set up her keyboard later. Jesi Di & I did a set of three songs and then brought Sarah up first. Normally we would have a first come, first serve mentality but Ted (The Beatles tribute guy) was still waiting for his buddies to show up.

There were a lot of people dining in the restaurant, which was a blessing. The audience was in for a treat! Sarah did an amazing job. Her band rocks and she has an amazing voice! The bass player, John- hung out after they played their set. He told us there's also a great open mic on Mondays @ Lestats Coffee House.

Teds friends got there. He did bring whole lot of people, which was awesome. He got up there solo and did some Beatles songs. Check him out : Help! A Beatles Tribute Band

Up next was a guy named Roy that I had told about the Open Mic from another Tuesday Open Mic at the Beachside Grill, right down the Coast Highway. Roy had a tripper-esque way about him mixing folk melody Dylan style and Tom Petty-ish vibe to him. Check him out : Trip RoyFinally, there was a fellow named Alan Land who rocked our world. He did a song from Billie Holiday and some of his originals. He had said that he just got back into performing after 5 years of hiatus. Such a wonderful, beautiful, inspirational night at The Flying Bridge Oceanside. Don't forget, we're there every Thursday from 8-11PM. Hope to see you there!!

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