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I'm very psyched to be part of ONE NIGHT BAND 3 this year. What is that? Well, it's a once a year event that pairs 40 musicians from the Boston scene randomly into smaller bands. The goal is to write 4 songs and learn one cover - to perform that night -downstairs at the Middle East- in front of an audience. Excited to be part of this (and yes, it's gonna be challenging but FUN). Proceeds benefit Zumix - a local youth music organization.

The following week is the Boston CD release of Vortex! Finally! that's on Sept. 29th at Church of Boston with CropDuster and Reverse. That needs it's own blog entry ....(to be continued)

NYC Axemunkee lite first time

Axemunkee heads to NYC to debut the extreme lean machine version of Axemunkee- radical arrangements of some old tunes and some new ones to be played that night. Gonna rock!