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recording update, birthday show...

Happy Holiday Season!! Hope you are surrounded by friends and family.

We've been a flying under the radar for the last couple months, with our focus on writing and recording new songs for you. So far the song count is up to 15 new tunes to record and consider for the next record. Look for a new single to be released SOON!! Of course it will be available to you for free since you are already on our email list :-)

Well, we do have one last show for 2016 on Dec 9th at The Sunset Tavern. It's Kubby's birthday bash and sure to be a great time!!

Also, I will be bopping around the country with my acoustic guitar playing some solo shows and working out new material. The best way to think is to just get in the van and drive....

Well, that's it for now, thanks again for supporting our little band and keeping us making music....see ya at the show!!! Lost Dogma Band:

Toby C Brady Ted Walker Radmilla Kevin "Kubby" White Laurey Carolus

September 2016 News

It's been a great summer of shows, road trips and meeting new people and playing new venues from Florence Oregon to Anacortes Washington. We always look forward to performing at the base of the Space Needle for The Bite of Seattle, but the show (for me) that stands out the most from this summer, was getting to share the stage with The Reckless Kelly band.

We are pleased to announce our performance at The Rootball Music Festival on September 17th at 2pm in the afternoon. Lost Dogma kicks off the festival. Get your tickets now before they are gone!!.

Then we will be slowing down (for a moment) to record some new songs. So far the count is up to 15 but we'll have to see how many we can get recorded and mixed in the coming months ;-)

Well, that's it for now, thanks again for supporting our little band and keeping us on the road....see ya at the show!!! Lost Dogma Band:

Toby C Brady Ted Walker Radmilla Kevin "Kubby" White Laurey Carolus

2016 Country Rock Road Show

Well, we added a few miles on the odometer, worn out some guitar strings and several hotel rooms later, the band van keeps plugging along!! We've really enjoyed making some new friends along the way and played some great venues. We are gearing up for the summer and booking some places in Wyoming and Montana, We'll keep you posted as new dates get added.

We are very excited to announce that Lost Dogma will be opening the show on Aug 5th for Reckless Kelly in Seattle, WA at the The Crocodile get your tickets early. It's going to sell out. And of course, we always look forward to playing the Fountain stage at The Bite of Seattle. Thanks again for all your support, see ya at the show!!! Toby

March 2016 - Letters from the road...

Hey hey hey....first thing we'd like to thank all of our wonderful friends/fans for coming out to the High Dive show to support our little band. We really appreciate your support. We had fun with Laurey and Bobbi joining us to sing backup vocals. It was also our first Gigtown sponsored show and we are glad to report it was a GREAT success!!! If you downloaded the FREE App and checked in at the show, you helped us earn some extra gas-cash for our road trips. Thank you!!!

Speaking of road-trips, we are back in Chelan at our favorite venue in Eastern Washington on March 5th. Come spend the entire night with us at The Vogue. (right on the main drag) from 8pm-10pm and it's ALL-AGES!! Then on March 18th we will be back in Seattle at The Skylark sharing the stage with our friends Explone.

We have a great spring/summer schedule starting to take shape with shows in Southern Oregon and another road trip to Wyoming. We'll be making more show announcements in the coming months.

Thanks again, see ya at the show!!!

Feb. 2016

So far this winter has been really fun. We've played out-doors in 35 degrees, shared the stage with some of our great friends and met some new ones. How cool is this !! For a few hours our song "Oil and Water" landed on the Itunes top 40 new releases in the Americana genre. Thanks to everyone who downloaded it. Now if we could just get it to STAY in the Top 40!!!! We're workin' on that....

There's a dead skunk in the middle of the road...

The adventure continues...8 dead skunks and 2300 miles round trip from Seattle to Sundance Wyoming for the Sundance Beer Festival. It so was great to play for the "hometown" crowd. Can't wait to come back next year. It was also the first tour for the newest member of our Dogma tribe. We'd like to welcome Radmilla as our new fiddle player.

We are really looking forward to our next show September 25th at High Dive with Danny Newcomb and the Sugarmakers along with Hella Sunshine this will be a packed house for sure.

This summer I have been writing a bunch of new material, it's a great feeling to have such an awesome band of musicians to work with me, can't wait to finish up the writing and start working on the next record!!

See ya at the show!!! Lost Dogma toby, ted, dan and lyle and radmilla

Thanks to our loyal fans.

So, last night was super fun.!! Great to see all of our friends and meet some new fans. Now it's off to Eastern Washington for a couple of shows, get out there and try to sell some of these new Cd's!! Thanks to Modern Relics and Palatine Ave for helping us make this night a success!! We REALLY appreciate the support all our friends/fans have given us over the years. This is our 3rd record and yet it feels like just the beginning.

New music

ok...i sent off the master recordings to duplication. It won't be long now until we have a new CD in our grubby little hands. Can't wait for y'all to hear this one.


We are looking forward to our next local Seattle show at The Benbow Room with our label mates THE FOGHORNS. That happens on February 27th. We will be hitting the road again in March with more dates being added. And other BIG NEWS!!! We just got sponsored by KMPS Radio to play at the Evergreen Speedway NASCAR Spring Opening Race. It's also Seahawks fan night. That happens in April. More details to follow. Thanks again for being a part of our adventure. We will have some GREAT show news coming for the summer schedule. Lost Dogma toby, ted, dan, paul and lyle

Blood Rain Tour Feb 2015

"Black Eyes and Blood Rain Tour" we made it home safe...what the hell, I'm still packed, let's do it again!!! And we learned all about Blood Rain but you can ask Toby about the "Black Eye" part. Thanks again to all the fine folks who came out to support original music. Each show was special in it's own way. We ALL fell in love with Moscow Idaho and John's Alley, Vertical Dave is the MAN!! And The Vogue in Chelan WA will be a regular stop from now on, those peeps know how to PARTY!!!