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Just Logic

Never let you left hand know what right hand got.... Unless your left handed!

Momma had told me...

You can grow feathers all over, an crow like a raven.... But dat don't mean you can fly!


Life is a gift, with no exchange policy nor warranty.

U Ain't Already Kno?

You never know what you can not do..... Until. You don't do it...

Word Up Bro!

Failure is just a early attempt at success

Food for thought..... Eat up!

Debt don't die... Uncle Sam like a cat wit 9 lives, he'll find whom ever you survived....

But u already knew dat doe!

Everything dat glitter may not be gold, but if it was you couldn't afford it!

The word from Joe Bird!

Ignorance is bliss & Stupidity is just Stupid!

The quote of the day

God knoz your journey but the devel seeks your destiny...

Whoosh...... Buick Muzik

Your Welcome!